Alleged Snapdragon 735 detailed in internal document

George, 20 April 2019

Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 730 only a couple of weeks ago, but a 735 appears to be on the timeline as well. What looks like an internal document details the future chipset's key specs.

The chip will allegedly be built on a 7nm process like the current Snapdragon 855 top dog. It'll feature an octa-core CPU in a novel 1+1+6 core configuration - a middle ground between the 855's 2+2+4 and the 2+6 of the 730. Clock speeds are expected to be 1x2.9GHz + 1x2.4GHz + 6x1.8GHz and the Kryo 400-branded cores are likely going to be Cortex-A76 derivatives for the two main ones while the 6 others will likely be Cortex-A55-based.

The Adreno 620 GPU inside the Snapdragon 735 will be clocked at 750MHz, compared to the 825MHz clock speed of the Adreno 618 in the S730. The S735 will also come with a NPU220 ticking at up to 1GHz for AI-related operations.

Additionally, the Snapdragon 735 will also supposedly have a 5G modem - is Qualcomm preparing for midrange 5G smartphones as early as next year? Forgive us if we remain skeptical as to the next-gen network's rate of expansion.

The source of the document appears to be the same one that brought us an early look at the S730 a year ago, and it was mostly accurate, so we're inclined to believe it this time also. Time will tell.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 21 Apr 2019
  • Kx1

Single core Sustainable performance will be higher instead because 1 core produce less heat than 3 core aka less throttling.

Still waiting for a SD625 or SD630 built on 7nm process....

True, but this setup of the QSD 735 looks to be as fast as the ex-flagship QSD 835 SoC. I mean it took the QSD 710 to surpass the ex-flagship QSD 821. Whilst the QSD 675 was able to match the ex-flagship QSD 820. Yet it took the QSD 636 to ...

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