Amazon Echo Dot 2nd gen available now, save with smart home bundles

Enrique, 20 October 2016

Amazon’s Echo has been a great success, and it took a while for Google to finally catch up to the online retailer giant when it finally introduced its own home assistant, Google Home. The Amazon Echo is now smaller and more affordable than ever before. You can get one for $50 starting today from Amazon US, and available for £50 in the UK where the original Amazon Echo only launched last month.

This is the second generation of the Echo Dot which took the original home speaker and left the smart listening mics that are found at the top. The only caveat was that you needed to use your own speaker. The new Echo Dot has its own speakers, gets rid of the rotary-style volume control at the top, and trims some of the fat as it’s even smaller than the original Echo Dot.

The new Echo Dot is the most affordable way to buy into the smart/connected home ecosystem. If you already plan on getting a Philips bridge or smart thermostat, Amazon is offering bundles that can help you save, as well as a 6-pack bundle (buy-five, get-one-free for $250 or £250) if you want to have Alexa in every room of your house. Use the code: DOT6PACK during checkout.

Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 in Black or White Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 in Black or White
Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2 in Black or White

The bundles can save you anywhere from $10 to $50:

  • (US)Echo Dot + Bose SoundLink Mini II (Carbon or Pearl) – $214 (Save $35)
  • (US)Echo Dot + Philips Hue Starter Kit - $100 (Save $20)
  • (US)Echo Dot + TP-Link Smart Plug - $70 (Save $10)
  • (US)Echo Dot + ecobee3 Smart Thermostat - $250 (Save $50)
  • (UK)Echo Dot + Netatmo Thermostat - £149 (Save £41)

Bundles with savings of $50 basically mean a free Amazon Echo Dot.

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Reader comments

Amazon Echo Dot controls lights, fans, TVs, switches, indoor controllers, garage passages, sprinklers, locks, and more. It uses MediaTek MT8163 SoC... you can call or message almost anyone hands free with your Echo uses Alexa to play music...

thats not the only restriction....almost every gadget in a home needs to become smart... like you said smart lights are too costly when there are cheap led strips available...and last time i had to go through so many firewalls but ...

That's pretty sweet. Love the idea, but i still think that these 'self-learning assistants' need a few more years to become actually, really useful. (As long as a 'smart' light bulb costs over £100, they won't be able to buy me...) Sure, asking...

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