Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus (2021)

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus (2021)

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  • Sawinda

Tips, 13 Jun 2021Hmm it won't be that good I recommend you too get sams... moreBut price has a considerable gap, hasn't it?

  • Mike

sean8102, 27 Jun 2021Got the 10 Plus, 32 GB, Lockscreen Ads for $109 on prime da... moreDon't think you got the 4GB Ram version for that price on Prime day.

Hi Guys...
Where can we purchase amazon fire hd 10 ?
i have been checking in amazon portal but no device is available
please let me know

  • Ice

Anonymous, 27 May 2021Yeah but does it Netflix 1080p?Yes it does.

  • sean8102

Got the 10 Plus, 32 GB, Lockscreen Ads for $109 on prime day. But paid $70 because someone gave me a $50 Amazon gift card months ago, I decided to save it for prime day to see if anything worth buying went on sale. Not bad at all for $70 out of my pocket, or even the $109 if I hadn't had the $50 gift card.

  • abjoy

Hi, Did anyone compare the plus version with the 2019 version? I find the display blacks are less dark and less deep in the plus version. For example, on Settings page, the older version is almost black and the plus version is grey due to less deep blacks (though not brighter than the former). For the same reason texts are also clear in the older version. Anyone else see the same?

  • Tips

BahogBilat, 11 Jun 2021I am planning to buy this for my daughters online class. Wi... moreHmm it won't be that good I recommend you too get samsung tab a7 or samsung s6 lite

  • BahogBilat

I am planning to buy this for my daughters online class. Will this work fine?

  • Rollie

Bunny, 01 Jun 2021I was able to connect my Fire HD 10 to get it started and c... more

  • Bunny

I was able to connect my Fire HD 10 to get it started and connect to my Wi-Fi but I need further instruction. It seems as if my contacts on my e-mail account did not transfer over also my photos did not transfer. I need further instructions. I have so many questions. Is there a site I can go on to guide me through this.

  • Rollie

I bought the Fire HD 10 Plus - when I checked the Device Model it indicated 'Fire HD 10 (10th generation)'. Also, the Storage page only indicates the Internal Storage size - nothing about the Memory size.

So now I'm wondering, did I really get the latest and the greatest Fire HD 10 Plus (11th generation) or I got an older Fire HD 10 (10th generation) one? Do I have 4GB Memory (Plus version) or 3GB Memory?

I'm thinking of returning the unit because of the above findings.

  • Just the facts

It's a content consumption device to regardless of what the marketing says. People that whine and moan, won't buy it anyway, due to the nature of the hardware. People with kids
and suburbanites, buy it because it plays all the cute games
and it does double duty because you can watch Netflix or Amazon prime movies.

I can't believe they are actually using the same processor from the 2019 version. That is really disappointing, plus its being shipped with an outdated Android 9.

  • Anonymous

Pffffffftttt, they are just getting worse N worse, they could at least add some better android version since their software is locked AF, let alone the possible changes of the hardware..
Nah, just Pfffffffftttttt

  • Anonymous

Android 9.0 (Pie)???? Is it typing mistake?

  • SangLeEmo

Anonymous, 27 May 2021Yeah but does it Netflix 1080p?Actually Yes,
2019 ver (2021 ver updated RAM only) can play full HD by Widevice L1 certificate

For all people. Don't buy Amazon device because it is the worst Android complete locked device. As a current owner of Fire devices, You will be surprised to see how ugly the OS. You can't install Google play easily and you will be surprised to see that it is not a proper Android device. The interface is terrible. So beware

  • Anonymous

lesonoeu, 30 Apr 2021clearly havent heard about 190 usd tablet iplay 40. that th... moreYeah but does it Netflix 1080p?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Its fine, not a gaming device since its specs is to poor for Fortnite but for 2d games it is overkill! :D

  • Anonymous

Zabeatta, 11 May 2021o more or less,mostly less but,that's ok for me...lolO... moreLol!! You should have a look at Lenovo Pad. If I can get better specs with better quality at the same time, why shouldn't I go for Lenovo?? Why???