Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)

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I've bought cheap used one with touch screen not working, opened it and cleaned contacts, it took a 15 minutes and now it works good.
After installing google play everything runs great. Battery is great. Sound is good. No complains.

  • Rafael

This tablet actually has 2GB of total RAM, although system + native apps running in the background drop that to ~1.1GB (you see less than that free in the screenshot because of the apps I'm running). Probably why Amazon announces it as 1.5, but still, I bought it expecting to have 600-700MB free for my apps, so that was a nice surprise.

  • CianReviewz

This is a good tablet for what you pay

  • Snakehead657

Although not mentioned in the info here this does have usb otg. It can access a mouse, keyboard or usb sticks. If powered however, it can access a 2 tb hard drive. I tried it with both a seagate expansion and a backup plus slim and it works fine. Other than that great tablet.

  • gossamer

frooglemeister, 20 Dec 2017How do you side load Google Play on to this tablet?deviously

  • Anonymous

cHEAPER THAN MOST. sTUCK WITH AMAZON APPS that cant be removed. ( I shuffe=led them intov a folder called ****). you CAN get the google play store app on it by several ( Highly dubious) methods. (my grandkids did mine, Mi'lud, not guilty). Battery life is v. good, I get 6 to 8 hrs video, 3-4 days on standby. Size is best compromise between 7 inch and 10 in tabs. Stick 64-128gb sd card in it (takes up to 256), and load it up, either from pc, or via pc to add./remove. Oh yes,finally, get a decent file manager on it, easy to become lost ....cheers frm the UK

  • Don_Memo_123

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2019I want to buy Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017). If any body faced ... moreI have had this tablet since November 2016. It was a great tablet for the price. It is still a good tablet for music and video streaming and ocasional web browsing. I wouldn't suggest anything else on it, if you want to have a leasant experience. Even though my kindle is not rooted, I sideloaded the Google Play store and several other android apps.

  • Anonymous

I want to buy Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017). If any body faced any Problem on this tablet. please suggestion me.

Does usb work on it? i know it works on the 7 inch?

  • Zen liam

Screen flickering problem...update pls.

  • Anonymous

Have any protection in the display?

  • PprochnoVV

Dam! Got it to shop quicker than the 7" in started with. I dunno if I justify the Prime membership.....BUT...I get excellent prices in a sort of "shopping desert" in a 100K pop. US Midwest town.
I could play 2 viddies off the sd card back to back....g00d battery....pic fine on a plane seat tray or in a waiting room etc.

  • AnonD-745594

AnonD-708894, 25 Feb 2018guys i need a nice tablet for watching netflix what do u ad... moreThis is an ultracheap tablet, I wouldn't call it nice, but it's fine for watching Netflix in 720p.

  • AnonD-745594

AnonD-745594, 18 Mar 2018This is not that bad for the price. The size and weight are... moreThat should read 'not as good as BoomSound speakers'. I don't see how to edit.

  • AnonD-745594

This is not that bad for the price. The size and weight are just right. The screen is fine, a one megapixel display is adequate for an 8 inch tablet. The processor is underpowered but with more RAM it wouldn't lag so much. It is easy to install the Google Play store and services that makes this a decent ultracheap tablet for reading eBooks and watching videos. The speakers are alright, as good as BoomSound speakers.

  • AnonD-708894

guys i need a nice tablet for watching netflix what do u advise me

  • AnonD-740036

The screen on this scratches insanely easily. I have a keyboard/case for this and the keyboard is plastic. There is no way a plastic keyboard could scratch gorilla glass.

  • Anonymous

nistar, 30 Dec 2017It support android apps and playstore

  • AnonD-651139

This tablet is quite laggy when play some 3D games. i want to remove bloatware apps but I can't because there is no way to root it. don't buy this tablet at this time.

  • nistar

It support android apps and playstore