Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)

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  • nistar

It support android apps and playstore

  • person

frooglemeister, 20 Dec 2017How do you side load Google Play on to this tablet?go into the settings and enable unknown sources and then download it from the internet

  • frooglemeister

How do you side load Google Play on to this tablet?

  • lord Verethragna

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2017Does Amazon fire HD 8 2017 have latest android features suc... morenope.. this is android 5 based os.. so ofc this doesn't support splitscreen and other android nougat & oreo features..

  • Anonymous

Does Amazon fire HD 8 2017 have latest android features such as split screen, expandable notifications, permission controls etc?.

As per specs, their OS is based on Android 5.1.

  • AnonD-721107

AnonD-721107, 08 Dec 2017Hi, I noticed that it has an option called Adaptive Brigh... moreConfirmed there is a light sensor (CPU Z)

  • AnonD-721107

I noticed that it has an option called Adaptive Brightness (which can be toggled manually). So conclusively it should have an ambient light sensor so you might need to add that to your spec (sensor ) section.

  • Anonymous

Just purchased the 32Gig one brilliant piece of kit for the money, yes it's no IPAD but I do love the SD Card option of 256 gig and I have side loaded Google Play, which is working brilliantly, battery life is amazing, great tablet for the price,

  • Remingtonh

I upgraded from a 2015 Fire 7 to the 2017 fire 8, and although this is no iPad, I find it a pleasant, usable little inexpensive tablet. For web browsing and email, it's a great value. Much better screen than you typically get in sub $100 tablets, decent (not phenomenal) battery life. The 1.5GB ram vs. the previous version's 1GB makes a huge difference. For ~$50 it works good. Take it where you might not want to take your iPad or iPad Pro.

  • Anonymous

Compared to Nvidia Shield K1 (2015) which is still ahead of its time even today this tablet its a total waste of time and money. Come on its 2017 and they still put mediatek and Lolipop.
For 1,5x price of this tablet (buying without ads) you can get a new Shield K1...
Well at least this tablet is good if you don't have where to waste your time and you want challenges to install google services, google play or blocking ads by yourself and etc, this tablet would be perfect choice for you.

  • mrawrr

Huh that's expensive. Got it at Bestbuy 2 weeks ago for like $50.

  • Force Majeure

My old old Tablet has almost better specs than this and I payed €90 for it.

A true peice of eWaste. Better get the Tab A 8.0 since it has way better specs (and will get Nougat anytime now). Android 5.1 is really outdated and lacks essential features like Doze and App permissions. And let's not talk about the MediaTek SoC. There are enough reasons not to take a MT CPU to fill 3 books, a movie and a TV show.

  • AnonD-441601

For a 110 its just a trunk in forest.
For surfng on net should be good but thats all.

  • -_+

customized 5.1 lollipop= stuck on stone age!!!