Amazon to introduce free music service

Michail, 15 April 2019

According to new reports, Amazon is planning to launch a free alternative to its music streaming service in an attempt to steal some customers from Spotify. The new service is said to feature a more limited catalog compared to the paid Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited services. The report also claims that the service will initially be exclusive to Echo speakers and could launch as early as next week.

Amazon is busy negotiating terms and conditions with several music labels to bring the ad-supported free service and expand its portfolio. Current Amazon music streaming offerings start at $3.99 per month for a single device plan, while the unlimited options start at $7.99 for Prime members and $9.99 for the Music Unlimited service.

Currently, Spotify is the only music streaming service to offer a free option. Spotify's free version of accounts for 120 million users and Amazon is likely aiming to follow the ad-provided free streaming model and increase its user base. We'll have to wait and see if the approach yields the necessary results.



Reader comments

Hope we will soon be exclusive to Nikolai Tesla dream to give a free electricity to all on the planet. Then we can give everybody free wifi also a free water and gas. It would be nice if these giant corporations will start working for people and s...

Maybe you guys did not hear about Deezer having a free version too.

Wow I'm sure it's going to flop big time like prime music! I've used prime music for a while and it was the worst streaming service I've ever used! Everything from the UI to catalogue is horrible!