18:9 Sony Xperia Compact certified by the FCC

Peter, 31 January 2018

This could be interesting – a Sony Xperia Compact with a tall aspect ratio screen. This is just conjecture based on dimensions from an FCC certification, but the numbers are lining up beautifully.

The Xperia in question has a 5” screen (126mm) and measures 135.43 x 64.63 mm. For comparison, an Xperia XZ1 Compact is 129 x 64mm – same width, but shorter.

An 18:9 Sony Xperia Compact may have been certified by the FCC

The FCC only gave the display diagonal, not its aspect ratio or sides. However, check out what happens when we compare a 4.6” 16:9 screen (like that of the XZ1 Compact) and a 5” 18:9 screen:

Would it be too optimistic to think this device will show up at the MWC? Perhaps, though this looks like fairly solid evidence that Sony is ready to leave the old-school 16:9 screen behind and embrace bezel-lessness.

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It is nice a 5inch screen but same size as XZ1 compact, I really don't know why the trolls should giving negative comments.

  • Anonymous


You can easily fit 5'' 18:9 screen into 128x64 mm. That would be ideal.

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