Android 10's September 3 release date confirmed by Canadian carrier

Vlad, 30 August 2019

A few days ago a couple of chats with Google support reps surfaced telling us to expect the official release of Android 10 to Pixels to happen on September 3. And today a slip-up by Canadian carrier Rogers has seemingly confirmed the rollout's date.

For a short while, Rogers' public OS upgrade schedule included the lines you can see screenshotted below.

Android 10's September 3 release date confirmed by Canadian carrier

Apparently this carrier didn't get the memo of Android 10 being the official name of the release formerly known as Android Q, but other than that, it's all there, black on white. Realizing the mistake of making such information public without Google having announced anything of the sort, Rogers quickly removed all references to Google Pixels from its OS upgrade schedule page, which confirms this was a hasty move to fix a slip-up. Because it makes no sense for the Pixels not to be on that list at all.

The date definitely seems plausible enough, given how last year the company released Android 9 Pie on the same day it would've normally outed the monthly security patches. And that day in September of 2019 is the 3rd, as the 2nd is Labor Day in the US. Google outs updates in the first Monday of every month, unless that is a holiday in the States, in which case the release happens the day after. Hence, everything fits.

Thanks for the tip, Roland!

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Meanwhile, I'm still hopefully waiting for 9.0 Pie update for on my current Android phone. Oh well... *sigh*

minimum of 2 years from now

no update at this moment...

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