Android 12 to natively support third-party app stores

Ro, 20 May 2021

Android has historically allowed third-party app stores to be installed as well as sideload individual APKs but the process of doing so is not very streamlined and there's no way to update sideloaded apps automatically.

Android 12 to natively support third-party app stores

This would change with Android 12, according to Google's own blogpost. XDA-Developers dug deeper into the source code and goes into details of what those changes would be like.

The new system will allow third-party app stores not only to install apps directly but also update them in batches automatically. Of course, the user still has to grant the app store's permission to manage internal storage. But it would be one-time permission and won't ask again in the future. Just like the default Google Play Store.



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Forced by your employer? That would imply that one of your phones is not "yours" per se and that you're having to use apps that they stipulate for the purposes of employment using Their device? Not sure what your point/argument is...

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  • Wereweeb

Very good, very good. I guess finding a good Linux phone isn't AS urgent then, if Google is reversing course. I want to use F-droid as my primary app manager. And this is why we should support Epic hitting Apple hard, even if Epic themselve...

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