Android market total app count passes the 50K milestone

25 April, 2010

The rapid growth of the Android market continues to impress the mobile world. The Google OS application distribution service now offers more than 50 000 titles to Android users around the world. And the best part is that more than half of them are free.

The Android market got nearly 9000 new apps in March alone and chances are there will be even more new offerings this month. The total app count currently stands at 50 395, which is really impressive for an OS that has been around for a year and a half.

The Android market is still nowhere near the standard of the Apple App Store (200 000 or so apps) but if the exponential growth continues things might get closer between those two. And seeing how well the Android devices are selling we suspect this moment can’t be too far away either.

The really good news is that despite the rapidly increasing total numbers, the large percentage of free apps in the Android market is kept intact. Nearly 60 percent of all apps in the Android market are free, compared to about 25 percent in the app distribution services of the competing platforms.



Reader comments

  • Keith
  • 27 Apr 2010
  • xVD

I hate that demos are counted as separate apps. That's what is inflating the counts of all the app stores.

  • Amoreme75
  • 27 Apr 2010
  • uh0

Vortex, the reason for a dip in April is because we are still in April, I suspect the graph you are referring to is an older graph which has no data for April...

  • Simon
  • 26 Apr 2010
  • S1M

yeah someone spoiled the graph. Why? This one is in the source of that article:

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