Android Wear devices to get Oreo update starting today

Himanshu, 07 December 2017

It was back in October, when an Oreo-based Android Wear beta was announced by Google. Now, over two months after that, it has been announced the Oreo update will start rolling out to Android Wear devices today onwards.

The announcement came in the form of a Google+ post by Googler Hoi Lam, who is also a moderator at Android Wear Developers community on the social network.

The post, as you can see in the screenshot, also lists some improvements the update brings along, including notification vibration strength setting, touch lock option for wet conditions, support for 7 new countries / languages, notification channels, and battery saving background limits.

No information on exactly which devices will be getting the update first - the post just says timing is determined by each wearable’s manufacturer.

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Reader comments

  • Carmanen

Well, it's just very logical for me that smartwatches too have rounded design because i want my Huawei Watch to look like classic wristwatch. It just makes sense to me. And i don't have any problems reading from rounded screen. And i think watches li...

  • Anonymous

you'd be surprised the screen size on the LG Urbane has plenty of space for text, when i have my watch i very rarely take the phone out to read texts.

  • AnonD-679450

Who in his right mind would make a smart watch with a round screen? You don't make round TVs, or computer monitors. I get 12 lines of text on my rectangular screen, and can only imagine the struggle of having a round screen to read off of.

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