Android will soon make it easier to sync all your devices

Ro, 11 August 2023

According to an Android expert, Google is readying a new feature related to connectivity across Android devices connected to a single account. Something like Apple's existing Continuity feature, which allows users to take calls from their iPhone on their Macs and iPads as long as they are on the same network.

Having all your Android devices connected on one Google account will allow features like Call Switching and Internet Sharing. The first one is pretty self-explanatory while the latter is an easy way to share your main device's network connection with your other Android devices. Just like a mobile hotspot would.

Android will soon make it easier to connect all of your Android-powered devices

Interestingly enough, the screenshot provided suggests that the Call Switching feature will work across different Android phones, while Apple's solution doesn't allow you to take calls from another iPhone. It's limited to iPads, Macs and MacBooks.

Although Google hasn't announced any plans for such feature, Mishaal Rahman suggests the "Link Your Device" feature will appear in the Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing sub-menu.



Reader comments

Bruh its not that deep, use an adblocker and buy YouTube premium if you can't live with ads.

  • Anonymous
  • 12 Aug 2023
  • nD$

they make sure the new tech gets cheaper because they know they can still sell for a higher price, like the iphone 15 periscope camera which works fine for years on other phones but now is actually cheaper to implement

How do you think that will work? Even Apple doesn't have that feature, aka you cannot have continuity cellular calls between iPhones. It's only between an iPhone and an iPad/Mac. So do tell how it will work between two cellular phone...

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