App developers in EU can begin testing iOS apps for third-party marketplaces

Yordan, 09 February 2024

Apple has recently announced its next move in response to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) issued by the EU. Apple is now opening Labs for developers to test their iOS apps and marketplaces.

This move will enable developers who have agreed to the controversial business terms to use new features in the App Store Connect and App Store Connect API to set up their applications. Developers may then use TestFlight to beta-test all the new features.

App developers in EU can begin testing iOS apps for third-party marketplaces

Although the European Commission has required Apple to open iOS for alternative app stores, the way Cupertino is implementing it has caused many in the industry to voice their concerns. Key people, such as the CEOs of Spotify, Epic, and Xbox President were among those who criticized Apple's implementation of the DMA.

The new changes will take effect by March 2024. The EC will look into Apple's methods next month, and there is a realistic chance that the institution will be dissatisfied and push Tim Cook and co for further changes to open up competition.



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What are you yapping about?

Wow, you have quite the dumb outlook on matters don’t you. You should have stuck to sticking little x’s next to comments and left it at that. No consumer has ever been forced to buy apple’s product as you so clumsily insinuated, and no developer has ...

They actually are dominant making billions in after maket after selling devices, forcing customers and developers to pay money for things they do not want to pay for. Android might be the most spreaded but their is a very large competition in android...

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