Apple Arcade's library reaches 100 games

Ro, 08 November 2019

Apple's subscription-based gaming service called Arcade just added six new games to its library helping it reach the 100 titles milestone. That's plenty in mobile games standards.

The six new games are Sociable Soccer, UFO on Tape: First Contact, Takeshi and Hiroshi, guildlings, Discolored and Marble It Up: Mayhem. The UFO on Tape game, in particular, sounds pretty interesting. It's an AR-based game, which is also a sequel of the UFO on Tape launched back in 2010 for iPhones. It encourages you to look for UFOs in the sky and capture them on video.

Apple Arcade's library reaches 100 games

So if you are into mobile gaming and own an iOS device, Apple's $4.99 subscription gaming service might not be such a bad deal after all. And the library is constantly growing so you'd probably end up spending a lot more if you buy each title separately.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Just go back to your f2p mobile games if anything >$5 costs too much for you. Despite paying exorbitant price for a fruit labeled product.

Yes, the developers need to be paid. I myself have paid a lot for "pay to win" games and I'm not quite happy with the implementation of "pay to win" games.

Last time I heard. Iphone's AR-kit would be dead for 6 months. Year's have passed. And it's still alive. Meanwhile, Google's AR version is almost dead. And the Daydream VR is struggling to live because not everyone bough a VR headset.