Apple breaks $3 trillion market cap threshold

Ivan, 04 January 2022

Apple breached the $3 trillion market cap value for a brief time, before going back just under that figure. The stock price reached as high as $182.94, but is now down just under $180. It would need to close above $182.86 to finish the day at the record market value.

It took Apple around 16 months after it broke $2 trillion in value back August of 2020. Per market cap value, Apple is currently the most valuable company in the world.

Market analysts claim that it would be much harder for Apple to get to $4 trillion market value, than it was to hit $3 trillion. Unless Apple releases a new breakthrough product it may be a few years down the road.

Apple breaks $3 trillion market value

Apple has found huge success during the ongoing Pandemic thanks to unrelenting demand for its iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch, and Airpod devices.


Reader comments

I'm impressed with Apple. They are the only company on the planet who keep their customers in check and control whatever they do. And I love their security ads despite being the most hacked and least secure major phone company of the last decade...

I personally always thought that Apple would fall flat with it's marketing and pricing strategy. But I'm kinda impressed. They made a lot of people eat their words. So huge props to them.

  • Anonymous
  • 06 Jan 2022
  • UG4

"Accurate at the time" - Thats why Apple have the foresight, and is successful. Critics and naysayers keep saying it cannot be done, what they did was crap, their buyers are zombies. But fact is, they had to eat their words and follow...

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