Apple confirms iPhone with USB-C is coming

Yordan, 26 October 2022

Apple gave a direct confirmation that the iPhone is switching to USB-C. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple marketing lead Greg Joswiak said the company will replace the Lighting port even if his team is not happy with the change.

The interview involved software VP Craig Federighi as well but none of them revealed when exactly the move will happen.

The iPhone 14 series should be the last in the family with a Lightning port The iPhone 14 series should be the last in the family with a Lightning port

The Apple executives said “the Europeans are the ones dictating timing for European customers” which is a sophisticated way of saying nothing about the timeline for the switch. Joswiak refused to answer whether Apple will ship a connector sold outside the EU, but that seems very unlikely.

The exec also talked about Apple’s dedication of going its own way and trusting its engineers rather than complying with standards by lawmakers and adopting third-party hardware. He even brought up micro USB and how Apple has been pushed to meet ill-considered requirements.

Apple confirms iPhone with USB-C is coming

The marketing lead added that charging bricks with detachable cables solved the issue of standardization, claiming the switch to USB-C would create a lot of e-waste as people are pushed to buy new cables and discard the old ones.



Reader comments

  • toaa
  • 09 Dec 2022
  • XTX

yep almost all pda with stylus were touchscreen phone. the different was the technology they used on the screen

ha we're not stupid dear but apple introduces this to iPhone's in cooperate way were they fully function with no harm to the phone and they do better testing whats good for the particular time than other brand that just want to band wagon ...

USB-c type wont eliminate e wastes but the European union wants to show that they're powerful and about you guys who are always talking about file transfer 95 per don't need it and you use wireless transferring files and plus the security ...

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