Apple developed new in-store device for wireless software updates

Michail, 16 October 2023

Apple found itself in yet another controversy with the launch of its iPhone 15 Pro series as the numerous reports of overheating devices forced Apple to tackle the issue with its iOS 17.0.3 update. Apple officially acknowledged the overheating issue but this situation may have prompted Apple to develop its own in-house solution to prevent similar problems in the future.

Apple developed new in-store device for wireless software updates

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is reporting that Apple has developed a proprietary “pad-like device” that can wirelessly update factory-sealed iPhones right inside the store before they are sold to customers. Based on the details, the machine will be able to wirelessly turn on the iPhone, update its software to the latest iOS version available and then power it back down. Apple is planning to roll out its new software-updating machines to stores before the end of the year.



Reader comments

This is a very interesting move.

or just make a new flagship that has detachable batteries and sims.

  • Anon
  • 17 Oct 2023
  • D8s

For anyone who has ever wondered if your phone is safe from hacking when turned off, we all now have the answer. Yes they can! Get yourselves an old Nokia where you can take out the sim and the battery. Only way to be sure.

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