Apple increases the trade-in values of some of its older devices

Ro, 03 March 2023

Apple updated its trade-in values on its online Apple Store homepage, so if you own an older Apple device, you are eligible for a better trade-in offer. Then again, some older devices' trade-in values have increased by only a few percent.

Apple increases the trade-in values of  some of its older devices

Naturally, the newer iPhone 13 Pro Max gets one of the higher bumps and is now eligible for a $600 trade-in offer while the 13 Pro can slash up to $500 off of your next purchase. Some iPads are also getting a re-evaluation and the iPad Air is now valued at $320, which is a $90 increase. The good old vanilla iPad is now $165, a $5 hike from before.

Apple Watch Series 7, Series 5 and Series 4 and Watch SE all get a modest $5 boost.

You can check the full list of eligible devices for trade-ins at the source link below. You will also find some Android-powered smartphones there, limited to Samsung and Google-made smartphones.

Keep in mind that those trade-in values are the best-case scenario. It all depends on the device's condition and age.



Reader comments

Good question, and one that doesn’t apply to Apple alone. The irony here is that I can see everyone suggesting people sell their devices privately, that the seller can get more money. Whilst this may be true, I would suggest anyone looking to buy som...

  • AnonD-945330
  • 06 Mar 2023
  • 0p}

$90 is "Massive" lol compared to overpriced overrated junk

Its a trade-in with Apple pal. What do you expect. It's easy and convenient and headache-free so of course the value will be much lower than what you can get if you go out and sell it to someone. Just like trading in your car at a dealership.

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