Apple iPad 10.2 (2021)

Apple iPad 10.2 (2021)

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  • Anonymous

should i wait for the ipad 10 next year? maybe they will upgrade the ram to 4g, with usb C, and will be supported by the 2nd gen pencil. any advise suggestion pls?

  • Hesham

Is i pad 9 64 g will be a smal storage ? So i should get the 256 storage ?

  • Marcus

I recieved this iPad few weeks ago... and it is so much better than the Samsung S6 Lite I had before...
the Apple pencil (1st gen) is so nice... can not imagine how incredible must be work with iPad Air and Pro are...

dear i had used tab 8.9 since 9 years ago and my dad also used note 10.1 big tablet and also tab s2 they where a nice tablets and good built quality . before one year in 2020 i bought ipad 7 gen it was first device from apple i used it was very very strong and good ok i hate this closed system apple but still you can get a lot of intersting apps and games optmized on it the problem is lightning port this trash and charging fast but still it has a great battery and i wathed nitflix for long time on it and every day pubg for many houers and i sold it because i bought laptop and now i want to buy this ipad 9 it is double and more than duble power of ipad 7 and front cam became now real good you buy it even if you didnt like it you can cell it without a huge loss

  • Anonim

dagreatroyce, 14 Oct 2021who's better iPad 9th generation or Xiaomi Mi Pad 5? Obviously iPad 9th
Xiaomi is trash

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2021I would personally buy the iPad 9. Even though the Pro 12.9... moreOkay it may sound like I made this up, but it is true that every iPad Pro 12.9 2017 I have seen on the used market has heavy backlight uniformity issues, it‘s probably a design flaw like the more famous white spot on Pro 10.5 2017 and Air 2018

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021Spot on. Instant regret for whoever buys a tablet with ai... moreI thought it was a big deal until I used it, and now I could not care less. It makes sense for the education market as well because glass replacements are cheaper. And the thicker body does not bend like the Pro and Air Models. Only thing I would want to upgrade is a bigger display, but 10.5 inch will not come because then the side bezels would be thinner than on the more expensive models. I‘d think about buying a 12.9 inch model with the same non-laminated display.

  • Anonymous

RMR, 10 Oct 2021Ipad 2021 or Ipad Pro 2017 12.9?I would personally buy the iPad 9. Even though the Pro 12.9 is a better device (I‘d love a 12.9 inch laminated 120Hz LCD display), the 2017 Pro models often have a white spot forming on the display above the home button, and the 12.9 can also have problems with the backlight separating at the edge and appearing brighter with the rest of the screen being dimmer, which will all become a non-uniform mess.

  • dagreatroyce

who's better iPad 9th generation or Xiaomi Mi Pad 5?

  • Anonymous

RMR, 10 Oct 2021Ipad 2021 or Ipad Pro 2017 12.9?Ipad pro for sure

  • Anonymous

RMR, 10 Oct 2021Ipad 2021 or Ipad Pro 2017 12.9?For sure iPad 9 … you will face problem with 2017 iPad Pro chip

  • RMR

Ipad 2021 or Ipad Pro 2017 12.9?

  • Anonymous

an iPad review from GSMArena …. Nice

  • Just checking

FINALLY an iPad review from GSMArena!! Now we can see how apple’s tablets stacks up against all the android tablets that you review. PS GSMArena is my go to review channel.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021Wake me up when the 300$ iPad has a laminated display.Spot on.
Instant regret for whoever buys a tablet with air gapped screen. This isn't 2012 anymore.

  • Anonymous

Go for this ipad 9 gen without doubt …. You get A13 Bionic… flagships powerhouse
12 ultra facing camera with center stage
Good screen
Great battery
Great software
You can play the top heavy games and can edithing 4k videos
Just 330 dollars

Sarah , 06 Oct 2021I'm thinking about buying this new iPad. What is your ... moreThe tab a7 is in another price segment. There are alot of cons but some pros of ipad too.
Fast a13 chip for this price
Decent display
Good quad speakers
Weak display compared to competeion
Bezels are thiccccc for price
Value for money isn't enough
Personal preferance
Some may prefer the ios due to less bloatware
Some people may prefer andriod due to freedom and costumization.

  • Sarah

I'm thinking about buying this new iPad. What is your opinion?
I've always used Samsung tablets since 2014, as I was a big fan of the brand (now I am not so much because certain things are losing quality), but the last one I bought 1 year ago, Samsung Tab A7 (2020), is not good. It's not optimized in most apps. I always used mini tablets like 7" or 8", did not noticed that 10" displays are not optimized in Samsung since the A7 purchase last year. It doesn't have pen compatibility, it's too slow for streaming and right now it's under warranty for having multiple quality issues. I've always heard that for tablets, Apple is the best choice, despite being a Samsung fan.

  • Praetors

I have the iPad mini 5, and the speaker was kinda okay. Compared to the iPad mini 5, how’s the speaker on iPad 9 (2021)? worse? better? or kinda the same? it would be helpful if someone do answer this, thank you!

  • Nixxou