Apple iPad 3 Wi-Fi

Apple iPad 3 Wi-Fi

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  • mxit gal

Guest, 28 Mar 2012And you should thank Foxconn for manufacturing those crappy Sams... morethis fone is very hot and cool i like it

  • tinnerdxp

I have stopped reading after this sentence:
Once you unlock the device you dive right in to the simplicity of iOS. Unlike Android, it isn't comprised of layers of advanced menus but instead gives you all your apps placed in a grid. You can reorder the apps however you like or place them into folders.
As I hoped for a review and not a praise about how much better (or worse) than Android it is.
Sorry guys but being objective means you don't use common misconceptions.

  • Deepa

This is not IPAD 3 (Apple also introduced only NEW IPAD)

  • Guest

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2012Apple components are made Samsung ,so essentially Apple needs to... moreAnd you should thank Foxconn for manufacturing those crappy Samsung phones.

  • Davut

best tablet İn the world!!

  • Anonymous

Johnny, 23 Mar 2012Hi people, dont you think that the screen of the ipad 3 is kind ... moreColour on the new iPad is actually now much richer, and also far more accurate, which experts Dot Colour have explained recently after testing:­s-why-colors-look-so-nice-on-the-new-ipad/

  • Anonymous

I had my ipad 2...a relative from abroad has an ipad, I been using her ipad...after a week of using it, she had acknowledged me that hers is an ipad3...too bad I thought it is an ipad2, too...there is no big difference with the two devices...if you will unknowingly use both devices at the same time, you'll say that they are just same model... =(

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2012Can anyone tell me how to use Siri on the new iPad? It is listed... moreno Siri just dictation

  • marcial

Hi people!

To those individual have both ipad 2 & 3. Base on your experience, can you please recommend which one is better when it comes to performance? I'm just getting opinion first from end users before i will decide which one i need to purchase. Above both positive & negative write up is a common comments even though other brand. Just help me only to choose... Thanks...

  • Anonymous

it is not the "ipad 3" it is the "new ipad" just read the apple website duh

  • Anonymous

LTE is also available in Canada.

  • Anonymous

iPad implementation of reminders doesn't have the "remind me at location" function. Neither wifi or 3G. Doesn't make sense but that's how it is.

It's on iPhone only.

  • Anonymous

The New iPad doesn't show it is charging when connected to a computer, but in fact it is charging. Though the charge is so insignificant, that it is probably the right thing to say that USB charging is not really supported

  • Johnny

Hi people, dont you think that the screen of the ipad 3 is kind of pinkish.... I mean the screen of ipad 2 is much better. I agree in the tech specs section, ipad 3 has a better resolution, but check out the screen difference of ipad 2 and ipad 3, you would def find that in the ipad 3, the screen is kind of pinkish.....

If Steve Jobs was alive, he would have looked into getting this fixed at the earliest.

Let's hope sooner or latter, Tim Cook realizes this.


  • salem elzaery

the new ipad is amazing 100%

  • Anonymous

Apple components are made Samsung ,so essentially Apple needs to thank the largest electronics maker, they have nothing but software

  • Anonymous

The usual media fanfare, but not a sustainable one, as 5 degrees is seriously not anything to get hot and bothered about (pun intended).

  • Anonymous

i today bought SG Note after comparing with ipad3. I found ipad3 has better Bluetooth V4.0 and better GPU only. All other Specs are stronger of SG Note. I think i made a right decision.....What would you say guys?

  • cougar

i use samsung galaxy note for phone but i use apple ipad 2 for game .. ops i got i nano for music .. my point is buy what u think u like not talk bad about it ..

  • Anonymous

it overheats a lot more than i pad 2 so watch out