Apple iPad 3 Wi-Fi

Apple iPad 3 Wi-Fi

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  • kam

ipad 3 looks like an ipad 2 wtfff

  • steve j. heaven acc.

a, 07 Mar 2012They should have called it the "iPad 2S" yeah gr8 suggestion!!!!

  • Anonymous

not good for many reasons.

  • doodz

poor processor like Ipad2 and Iphone 4s. for me Samsung is the a best smartphone. Brand is not important but the most important is the specification of the gadget

  • Frankie

Tim Cook did just 50% better than Steve Job but still not 100%
New iPad is ok but not make people "Wow I want it now"
I have to wait for one more year or years

  • Jet Lee

Almost the same la! People call it LPPL........!!!

  • Anonymous

if you guys read the specs on apple's site you'll see the difference !

  • mehran

thay called it the new ipad

  • truebeatn

Truly the best mobile computing machine on the market. Superior in every way to any other tablet out there including the Asus transformer and the galaxy series from Samsung. You ask, well how come? Most other tablets have better specs then the ipad 2 and ipad 3. The key is optimization, the worlds most powerful operating system ios, hardware designed to run in harmony with the OS, and a vast library of high quality apps. With that said specs become obsolete. The processor in it is custom made by apple that by far surpasses tegra 3 and other chips. It has quad core graphics, QUAD core GRaphics! Ipad 2 has amazing graphic can't even imagine was is going to come on this new version of the Ipad. As for the ios is years ahead of android many aspects, they sourley have a bunch of gifted programes at apple.And of course lets not forget the retina display with more pixel count then my HD TV !!! As for me I am the owner of two high end android tablets and previous owner of an IPAD. All I can say that the experience on any mobile device produce by apple is unbeatable, masterfully done and whish all could have the financial ability to experience it.

  • thefitz

Other than the resolution and being a little smaller it still feels like an ipad 2 to me. It weighs too much in my opinion however it would certainly be a better gaming tab now.

  • nicu

bluetooth 2,1, usb 2.o, vga camera, 1gh dual core, looks same as last generation, buy it just for the resolution? it.s a bit useless for 10inch anyway, good job apple, looks like transformers prime is the tablet to beat for the moment....makes me happy :))

  • Ratha

Crazy change

  • watz

As expected, too much expectations will lead us to disappointment. I agree, this should only be called ipad 2s. (",)

  • Anonymous

The Frog, 07 Mar 2012Is it iPad 3 or iPad?They now have done away with generation numbers so it is just iPad.

Similar to MacBook or iMac, or Mercedes C-Class or Audi A4. The models change, but the name remains.

  • Anonymous

only LCD is upgraded. Call it ipad2s

  • The Frog

Is it iPad 3 or iPad?

  • jon

perfect! im buying this as my 1st tablet.

  • a

They should have called it the "iPad 2S"

  • nick_pad

512mb ram??????

  • Inder

I guess apple lost the charisma after Steve jobs, only display and camera nothing new. Apple look at asus how it's innovating PADFONE. Really good.