Apple iPad 9th gen (2021) vs Xiaomi Pad 5 video comparison

Ivan, 14 October 2021

The 9th generation Apple iPad (2021) and the Xiaomi Pad 5 are similar in stature - 10.2-inch 4:3 vs 11-inch 16:10 displays - similar in performance and almost identical in price - starting at €379 and €399, respectively.

That puts them in direct competition with each other in the eyes of those looking for a reasonably-priced mid-sized tablet, and we decided to do a direct comparison.

Here's our video of the pair, where we look at displays, performance, gaming, camera quality and give you the overall best choice. Enjoy!


Reader comments

Have already used it and it is inferior compared to Android.

Dude, I have a Mi pad 1st gen, a Redmi note 3 pro and a Mi 3, all are dead for a couple of years now. They didn't even last, my 6s and 6s plus from 2015 still got updated to ios 15.2 as well as my ipad from 2017.

Use it and then talk

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