Apple iPad Air (2019)

Apple iPad Air (2019)

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  • Anonymous

tigerbomb1996, 18 Mar 2019well it has a12 bionic xd even ios dont really need much ram unl... moreIt is 10.5" device and it is 2019 even most apple products use 3 or more ram, mostly 4. And yes ram would be enough for normal app usage. But wont be good at highend performance app usage or high usage on web browsing. If a company give me a great cpu and mid ram (even for this big size device) i would call them nothing but oney trapper.

If apple would be honest they would go for more ram or a cheaper cpu.

And what is this "xd"?? What kind of useles kid you are?

  • Anonymous

Is it the first gen touch id or second gen?

2gb ram??? apple, are u seriously?

  • Kolesnik

2GB RAM??? Apple, are you seriously???

  • Anonymous

It has 3GB of RAM instead of 2 according to GeekBench

  • Devil

2gb ram greedy Apple. This trash shouldn't sell.

Anonymous, 18 Mar 20192 gb ram 550 eurowell it has a12 bionic xd even ios dont really need much ram unlike android

  • Anonymous

2 gb ram 550 euro

  • gsmarenathebest241

the home button is back! sadly there is no face id on the new 2 ipads...