Apple iPad Pro 11 (2024)

Apple iPad Pro 11 (2024)

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  • 7kk
  • 14 Jun 2024

Where is the 8 inch oled mini ? Jow many years we have to wait .

    Anonymous, 26 May 2024Enjoy burn-inYou speak as if LCD monitors don't degrade. They do and my 2018 iPad Pro have already developed the yellow tint issue.
    All flagship phones today are equipped with OLED, there's a good chance your phone is OLED too. Are you gonna tell everyone on the street "enjoy burn-in"?

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      • Anonymous
      • JHv
      • 26 May 2024

      trtr098, 24 May 2024The OLED alone is worth the upgrade. It's like compar... moreEnjoy burn-in

        As the M4 is the likely basis for the A18, seems the iPhone will get a decent performance upgrade this year. Those stability scores for such a thin device are pretty impressive.

          The information in the "Display, Battery Life, Charging Speed, Speakers" page has the same content with the "Software, Performance" page.

            m.darwich, 15 May 2024what's new: - OLED display - Removed the charger - ... moreThe OLED alone is worth the upgrade.
            It's like comparing a cheap $200 LCD TV to LG evo G4
            The Apple LCD panel has such a bad pixel response time the blur trails negates most of the advantage of 120Hz. Imagine spending close to a thousand in 2024 and get an garbage LCD haha. I would personally spend $500 to upgrade my 2018 Pro to the Tandem OLED panel if Apple allows.

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              • Chally
              • cN}
              • 21 May 2024

              Luffy, 08 May 2024Besides the chip, what’s different? The M4 is required for AI apps...

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                • Abdulrahman
                • JxT
                • 20 May 2024

                D.t, 18 May 2024iPad Pro 11 inch m4 is rated 8,340 mAh battery capacity Based on past Ipads which had a power output in watt hour, the voltage is rated at 3.8 which means that the capacity is rated at 8234 mAh, so off by 100 mAh

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                  • D.t
                  • sHJ
                  • 18 May 2024

                  iPad Pro 11 inch m4 is rated 8,340 mAh battery capacity

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                    • Ow
                    • t7@
                    • 17 May 2024

                    justasmile, 10 May 2024Ultrawide camera is not that useful on tablets. Phones yes,... moreI'll be honest, I only used the back camera of my Galaxy Tab less than 5 times, and the ultrawide camera in particular has 0, so yes, it's completely useless.

                      Big and multifunctional screen will comsume more power in my opinion. Like S9 series, ipad pro may give max. 2 days use in regular use. Also, it's classified but I think new pro will approx 8500-9000 mah battery power.

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                        • GlenmarieHouz
                        • tZ0
                        • 17 May 2024

                        it need to have:

                        1. Whatssap Support.
                        2. Microsoft Office Full Functions.
                        3. MacOS
                        4. 5Gsim Telephony

                        otherwise, it is still like a 'Disabled' Person, here a 'Disabled' Gadget.
                        it is supposed to be Super Productivity Tool, not half complimenting others fake ecosystem?

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                          • OS
                          • 0uJ
                          • 17 May 2024

                          m.darwich, 15 May 2024what's new: - OLED display - Removed the charger - ... moreLook at benchmarks, M4 9 core model is is more powerful than m3 lol.

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                            • Diego
                            • raN
                            • 17 May 2024

                            Do not buy nano texture is not that great!

                            It reduces by far the screen view angle if you are worry about security, matter looks or sunlight just buy a screen protector.

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                              • Sesame
                              • vFX
                              • 17 May 2024

                              It does not support Apple pencil 2

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                                • m.darwich
                                • 8rb
                                • 15 May 2024

                                what's new:
                                - OLED display
                                - Removed the charger
                                - Removed the ultrawide camera
                                - Increased the price
                                - New M4 (3 performance cores, 6 effirency cores) for 256 & 512 GB models which isn't much differend than M2 (4 performance cores, 4 efficiency cores)

                                the M2 still much better deal, unless u wanna get the 1TB model

                                  Will it run Adobe Premiere pro?

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                                    • cania
                                    • sGD
                                    • 13 May 2024

                                    trtr098, 11 May 2024No they don't, stop lying. I went to their store page... moreThey do actually mention it on the Specs page. The links to this page, however, aren't exactly "prominently placed".

                                      oli, 08 May 2024Apple specify on this website the differences of both model... moreNo they don't, stop lying.
                                      I went to their store page and even on the model comparison page it only states 'M4', not which configuration of M4

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