Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

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Makes android look like toys...😏

  • total waste of money

will this be like a mac, meaning operations will still work in the background and not stop, get cancelled and so on when screen is off or when the app is not running? my bet, will be the exact same, which makes this amount of RAM completely useless, just like not being able to install anything without the app store and a total lack of freedom for the users. I am not an Apple hater, I use a Mac, iPhone and iPad. if the iPad is not much more Mac like, it's pointless at this point.

  • Anonymous

SMIRNAS, 21 Apr 2021Display; Retina mini-LED, LCD, 1000 nits is that new L... moreLCD is actually very capable in terms of brightness. OLED doesn't get much brighter over the generations, because they depend on the organic compounds used (and also display layers).

LCD on the other hand depends on the backlight (and also display layers), and LEDs potential development is not as limited. They have been getting brighter since they came out. There is a similar law to Moore's law (processing power doubles every 2 years) which is called "Haitz's law". It says "that every decade, the cost per lumen (unit of useful light emitted) falls by a factor of 10, and the amount of light generated per LED package increases by a factor of 20" (wikipedia). That means in 10 years, we could theoretically be looking at an iPad Pro with 20'000 nits of brightness, and that is not considering technologies like Quantum Dot, better anti-reflective filters, printing, active matrix and so on.

  • Anonymous

I will say the iPhone 13 will get an Ultrawide front facing camera as well.

SMIRNAS, 21 Apr 2021Display; Retina mini-LED, LCD, 1000 nits is that new L... moremini LED is somewhere between IPS LCD and AMOLED (quality) cmiiw, and it's an LED oc

  • bola

it has 10755 mah battery , wow !

  • AnonD-920712

i dont like iPhone because its stup1d notch. The iphone12 camera is not awesome like android has.

But i want this iPad 12.9 because its M1, also the new Mac is interesting because its cool design

  • Anonymous

Without 3.5 jack, such device is very pity.

Apple adverstises the ipad pro to have have the fastest available wifi, I call that CAP. Didn't expect this from apple.

  • Anonymous

It would be even better if it has IP rating

  • gh

mmm, 21 Apr 2021this is the future , the start of the end , you can not cat... morethe start of the end? hahaha what a funny guy

  • Anonymous

I wonder if in the future, we would be able to jailbreak and install MacOS or other ARM-based OS (maybe x86?) since it now has an M1 SOC

  • Techkung

Is there full ms office which can replace laptop. If not, why hold this messy big screen

Ansn, 21 Apr 2021What are you talking about? it has wifi 6Wi-Fi 6 is limited to 5ghz bands, but Wi-Fi 6E can rely on 6ghz bands which means faster speeds and more secure networks AFAIK,to%20the%206%20GHz%20band.

  • Anonymous

JohnNy L, 21 Apr 2021Apple is Copying Samsung as always!! Samsung Tab S7 Plus... moreWhat do you mean, that is not copying those are different technolgies and 120Hz have been in iPad Pros since 2017.

Jason, 21 Apr 202110 bucks says they are releasing the same processor, but wr... moredid you not watch the event? they are releasing this with an M1 chip, not with an A12Z like last year

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 21 Apr 2021LOL! Did you look at the previous IPAD PRO MODELS PRIOR to ... moreNope!!☹️

  • Jj

some random dude, 21 Apr 2021You are expecting top tier flagship smartphone features in ... moreAnytime Apple produces something you can bet it is absolutely the greatest in electronics they have strict launch’s on all devices enjoy all Apple products and get rid of the android products Apple by far is suppier to anyone else on the electronic market

If only this had macOS

LOL! Did you look at the previous IPAD PRO MODELS PRIOR to Samsung TAB S7? Did you look at the 2018 ipad pro 11 and 12.9?