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  • Wyvern

He who started it all. You can hate Apple all you want but if not for them, we'd still have huge keys on our smartphones and they will be made of plastic

  • pinky

game changer

  • WubbaDubba5361

AnonD-716026, 18 May 2018No. It isn't.Listen here, you're commenting on someone that had this phone in its release year. There were bigger phones than this, but it was still considered a big phone, nowadays, this phone is considered tiny. What if phones started getting smaller in the future and someone read your post in 50yrs and was like, "this phone is the size of a Walmart, how is this dude saying it's small." Different times buddy.

  • Anonymous

the good old days............

  • Anonymous

So fun to see comments from 12 years ago😂😂😂

Actually it's kinda funny seeing people's reaction of the "huge screen" back in 2007 :D

Phone i, 09 Dec 2018Dear, you are commenting a post which was posted in 2007. T... moreHow can it be big at that time? I've seen LOADS of 2007 phones which are bigger.

  • Phone i

Macbeth, 11 Mar 2018Big?! How is this phone big in any way?! It's way too small!!!Dear, you are commenting a post which was posted in 2007. That time it was big

  • ......


  • dkgv

best phone ever....all the phones that everyone has and loves come from this

  • Ya Boi

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2018Yes. It is.Yep it is

  • Anonymous

AnonD-716026, 18 May 2018No. It isn't.Yes. It is.

  • AnonD-716026

Alycat, 10 Jan 2007I have a new name for this phone "iBigPhone" :D Isn't that right?No. It isn't.


i also have this phone , but it doesn't work due to some issues...

  • AnonD-751357

I've got one. And it's still works

  • CGRS

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2017happy birthdayIt was a beast in 2007 and now this year they forgot it.

Alycat, 10 Jan 2007BIG!!!It's too damn BIG!!!I was expecting more lighter and ... moreBig?! How is this phone big in any way?! It's way too small!!!

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2007I think the phone's downfall would be it's battery life. A ... moreWell you're right about Samsung, can't really say the same thing with Nokia or Sony Ericsson though.

  • AnonD-441601

AnonD-733111, 06 Feb 2018We'll that was 2007, smart ass! I wonder why present Iphones are not selling for 420 euro.
Company estabilished in garage should really know something about pricing :-)

  • AnonD-733111

AnonD-441601, 09 Dec 2017On the page is said 420 eur. This piece of crap is not wo... moreWe'll that was 2007, smart ass!