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  • Anonymous

I first saw this phone on the Apple website a and was stunned by the fact that Apple lunched a new branch of product. This is an incredible phone, I never though that someone would actually comme up with such a nice designed phone. The specs are great with a Mac OS X operating system. There is no Edge or 3G but who cares, it still the best phone out there for me with all the great features.

  • Nokia

Nice try from Apple but?
-Camera lacks anything (another cheap 2mp sensor and that's all)
-3.5 inch screen with only 150.000 of total pixels? (decent one must be at least 230.000 per this size of screan)
-Video player is a nice thing to see but there is absolutely no indication of video speed? (30 fr per second or crappy 15 fr/ps?)

Hopefully mp3 player will work ok!

  • alexa

sweet phone.
i wish it had a better camera resolution.
but then ipod is famous for the music player. well, nothing's perfect.
let's just wait until it hits the market.

  • johnny

this thing is going to get so trashed in my pocket, which means i'll have to buy some fancy apple case for it for 50+ bucks, and look like a giant douche bag pulling it out of my pocket, THEN pulling it out of the fancy pouch. ambient lighting? movement sensor? touch screen? i hope the tech support lines are wide open because all of you know how REALIABLE your ipods are (/end sarcasm). my best pal is an apple genius worker at the soho store in NY and he says this thing is going to be a hardware, software and technical error fest. great start but this thing looks like a nightmare...

  • Anonymous

I think the phone's downfall would be it's battery life. A dedicated player like the ipod goes dead within a few hours while using the screen, which is smaller than the iphone.

Nice pone but I still think the other big manufacturers (Nokia, SE, Samsung etc) don't have anything to worry about because they have a huge portfolio of different phones for different niches. For me, I need a phone with a good camera with autofocus.

  • Anonymous

ok, for the ones who dont know the exact price of it it will be costing 499$(4gb)and 599$(8gb)this cellfone its everything youve evrr wanted it has everything in a small compact wide screen cellphone (16 million colors)as a comp.OH and by the way it will be on stores on june in us.end of year in europe and 2008 in asia y want it NOWWWW.

  • Anonymous

Touch screen could be a problem. does it come with a stylus?

  • Steve Jobs

you people dumping on the phone should at least read up on it before you go making decisions.

saying stuff like touchscreens suck, this is not your normal touchscreen smartphone. it's made out of zirconium to reduce smudges and scratches. it uses technology that WE HAVE NEVER SEEN! this is not some touchscreen licensed from any old company like nokia or samsung or motorola goes to when they want a touchscreen phone, this was created FROM SCRATCH by Apple over the past two years with over 200 patents. you have never used anything like this so please don't judge until you can get your hands on it.

  • Anonymous

This phone is the best I have seen so far. You need to have to buy a laptop, an mp3, a camera, a blackberry, and a gps to cover all the super features. Would be better with a usb port or shaped like the ipod nano. More memory, micro sd slot, bluetooth, and infrared would make this PeRfEcT!!!

  • Steve Jobs

wow, nobody said anything about the screen being 16 million colors.

  • EBAYer

Does anyone else realize the STRONG resemblance to the Motorola A1200/MING? I personally own that phone, and I like it.

I am quite fond of this device, HOWEVER, as my experience in the A1200 is shown, I would like to point out that the hard buttons are generally easier to use than touchscreen, especially while on the move. I think it looks sexy, however I am not too confident in the operation.

  • xzxc

large screen, crappy resolution.

  • Anonymous

awesome, if it has 3g, it would be aaawwwwwweeeeeesssooommmmeeee!

  • Aik

the camera is too basic
the overall functions are way too good to be true!
safari browser, touchsreen, large screen, itune... etc

  • Eric

That's mad cool.. The price is gonna 699 for the 8gb, and the 4gb i think its around 499-599.. I want it ^^

  • cristi

just uaoooooooooooo!!!! 8g and large display

  • Avril

Very Dissapointed in this mobile from apple....lack of features, I was Expecting more, a better camera to be exact, larger amount of memory and 3G

  • tim

you gotta wonder how it is gonna be its the first of a series and yeh most firsts are a flop!! well done to apple thou very nice the only real downfall i see is no 3g but still i would buy if its not too expensive

  • Anonymous

fenomenal this is awsome if you dont afford n95 get this one

  • Anonymous

Has tiger installed in it!!, 10.4.8!, best mobile...and from Apple!, apple always comes out with innovative ideas and products, eg iPod, and the sexy Macbook and Macbook Pro