Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11

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  • Richard

Phone looks almost identical to XR.
This years Apples Special Event was crap. Let's wait next year and hope for new smaller, "budget" iphone, which is smaller than iPhone 7.

  • Devraj

Design is very poor

  • 1+Me

Faster more energy efficient processor. Bigger battery. Faster charging. Battery would last 4-5 hours more now. A13 with 4gb ram> 855+ with 8gb ram. Finally, an ultrawide camera. Better camera. Better video. Better selfie camera. If only they could bring a fingerprint sensor and a linear rear camera design. And if you are sticking with such a big notch anyway, learn from pixel and bring back the bezel with motion sensor. Pixel is going to disappoint in its own ways. Removing fingerprint sensor, not upgrading chipset and a 6.23 display only. I will just get the OP7t with 90hz display.

  • Anonymous

g, 11 Sep 2019nasty lookin' phonevery true

  • ray31

I think in this price point, Xperia 5 will be a better choice. Because it has bigger battery, better screen, better camera and also customizable.

  • asif

basically iphone 11 is cheap it only upgrade with chip other side this is going down as compare to iphone x or xs that are base models

This is Iphone XR 2 hahahahhaa

  • g

nasty lookin' phone

  • Jai

Wow... ips display wat a great.i phone...shittttT

  • amoled master

ips lcd display ????better buy mi 9t

  • Anonymous

Iphone 11 won't go with feature 120hz touch-sensing, it's that true guys?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019nah man, they also got the processing power, and top notch image... morePixel 3a waves hello.

  • Anonymous

194g ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shes popped on some weight lol

  • Anonymous

An LCD panel, the bigger battery will go on that and its thicker, still the same notch, almost nothing has changed and yet idiots will still buy - no doubt apple will post 'record sales' regardless

  • Bmmenace

Still no 5G.... Wow Apple you can only do this

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019you know the specs are trash. Apple is brand quality and brand q... moreYeah, except even the A11 let alone the A12/13 still crushes most Android flagships in raw CPU performance. Or that Apple displays are colour calibrated better then Samsung displays. Or that the A12 is more efficient then any Android SOC meaning Apple can get better battery life then those 4000mAH phones with less then 3000mAH.­artphone-Review.346971.0.html­xs-xs-max-review-unveiling-the-silicon-secrets/4­­

Muh specs indeed.

  • Anonymous

Nikhilmandaliya, 07 Sep 2019very old and outdated design True!

  • ms

another new apple device and still nor font nor icon pack nor theme support.

I thought it would use a USB C :(

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019nah man, they also got the processing power, and top notch image... moreYeah. It's still a trash spec