Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11

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  • JohnBR

Elric, 08 Sep 2019828x1792 ? Whats this? 2016? Wait The Fone, dude?
Better CPU, more RAM, more battery and another câmera is not enough for you?
People are expecting na egg pan on these new devices.
For me, my phone that I use everyday would be better if only the battery got improved, but more RAM, better CPU and another câmera? Is like a new fricking phone...

  • no one

the camera looks ugly

  • B4

Seriously, I can't see any feature that will trick or make people to buy or upgrade to this. OK! Maybe they have a way out by making their old phones laggy which will leave them in no choice than to upgrade... or two by drastically reducing their prices which is of shame and a sign of failure to them. And three, this is their world(iPhones) so they have the power but they should remember it because of a certain world of os that's why symbian has been caged and disappeared.
Apple please try to keep the competition burning

  • iphone lover

this phone is a joke LCD screen no fullhd resolution 4GB ram, Samsung s7 can do better wake up Apple

Elric, 08 Sep 2019828x1792 ? Whats this? 2016? Complaining about resolution?
What is this, 2014?

  • Anonymous

usb type c ? tf i dont think so

  • Liv

I thought the screen resolution would improve to full HD. Still a ripped off with that high price.

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2019$750 for 720p+ screen. Stop crying.There is no difference for me

  • Elric

828x1792 ?
Whats this? 2016?

  • Anonymous

apple iphone 11 also known as iphone xr just change the chip inside add a camera some ram and bit more battery size apple love ripping of the sheep

  • AnonD-819322

TAGok, 08 Sep 2019Even Apple phones are becoming more bulkier, wider and heav... moreThe 11 Pro is small enough, similar to the 8.

  • Anonymous

niki, 08 Sep 20191500$ goes well with 720p screen yeeeey!$750 for 720p+ screen. Stop crying.

  • Anonymous

niki, 08 Sep 20191500$ goes well with 720p screen yeeeey!$750*

pixel 3 bathtub notch is better than this apple 11 swimming pool notch

  • Anonymous

xrm125, 08 Sep 2019guys, need your opinion can we install games like nba2k20 u... moreIt has a 720 p display with a powerful processor and GPU less lag less quality

  • xrm125

guys, need your opinion can we install games like nba2k20 using this device? if yes, will it lag?

  • Anonymous

You rather buy s10e basically better phone

  • XAR

wtf, 07 Sep 2019Type-C ?? YES!!!

  • Abou aya

wtf, 07 Sep 2019Type-C ?? Yes usb type c

  • niki

1500$ goes well with 720p screen yeeeey!