Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11

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  • xrm125

guys, need your opinion can we install games like nba2k20 using this device? if yes, will it lag?

  • Anonymous

You rather buy s10e basically better phone

  • XAR

wtf, 07 Sep 2019Type-C ?? YES!!!

  • Abou aya

wtf, 07 Sep 2019Type-C ?? Yes usb type c

  • niki

1500$ goes well with 720p screen yeeeey!

  • Anonymous

apple has set the notch trend back in 2017 but it looks like the 2019 notch design a bit outdated

Even Apple phones are becoming more bulkier, wider and heavier. Wish they maintain at least one compact phone for people like me who love small, lighter phone.

  • DLittle

It will have more faster in speed, but features of X are better for camera and screen.

I think Apple iPhone 11 pr max just destroy the benchmark result in both Andriod and iphone world.

  • wtf

Type-C ??

NeonHD, 07 Sep 2019LOL only 2 hearts, accurate.You say that like this wasn't probably just posted lol.

very old and outdated design

  • Anonymous

Designers could have spent some more time for back camera pattern or design

  • Tomjay

Are these pictures real?

This seems to be the ugliest Apple product for decades.

Teki nerhi, 06 Sep 2019Oh my!!!!, im really shocked.. what happen to apple designe... moreStill a lot of phones have notches. and Seem like those are good, by your standard of "Only Android, not Apple".

  • Anonymous

TuPapi, 06 Sep 2019iPhone xr has only 3gb and that sh1t runs around any 2018 A... morethats what happen when people still believe in "higher is better"

LOL only 2 hearts, accurate.

  • Pineapple

Worst design by apple

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019Yikes... easily $995 for this phone, and it has a budget sc... more"Because there is no other phone like iPhone!"
"That's why iPhone hasn't equal!"
"This makes an iPhone an iPhone!"
You pay not only for the logo itself, lol far not, you give a 1500$ also for this to swank you are rich and you excel the others and most importantly - when you have low battery (which, of course, is often) to shout out with those toady greasy voice: "Does anyone have a charger for iPhone?!..."

  • Teki nerhi

Oh my!!!!, im really shocked.. what happen to apple designer? Did you see all 2019 smartphones?. Really really ugly 2017 design. What a horrible notch