Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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  • Nicky

No lightning port?

  • Jason

Its the same thing....but with a 3rd camera...starting at $1,200

  • Anonymous

2 more gig or ram battery a bit bigger add another camera update the cpu but its still iphone xs like the iphone x

  • Mahydi

I love iPhone. 😊😊

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 07 Sep 201912 MP camera sensor again, with 2x optical zoom again... Wow!So what if it is 12mp? It is still one of the best camera for smart phones if not the best. Reviews can attest to that.

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2019XS and XS Max both wereNo they weren't.

  • Anonymous

Fk, 07 Sep 2019I don like this design then create your own design, create your own brand

  • Anonymous

JdRDMS, 07 Sep 2019when was it super amoled?XS and XS Max both were

  • Anonymous

Just when you thought it couldn't get uglier.

  • Denih

Big notch in 2019 ?

  • Anonymous

Basically a s10e

This phone is intriguing, I'm thinking about upgrading my phone so I'm looking forward to hearing reviews!

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2019B.o.e OLED instead of SUPER AMOLED. The screen is a downgrade f... morewhen was it super amoled?

  • Anonymous

Very bad design &speacefication

12 MP camera sensor again, with 2x optical zoom again... Wow!

  • Anonymous

Forget about this phone. I don't buy this upcoming iPhone. I'm getting more Huawei.

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2019Hope customer taste also matters dear apple you could have inqui... moreThey never listen for customer reviews.
There would be a bunch of Chinese companies to follow them and show them as right.

Hey hey isnt official yet

JdRDMS, 07 Sep 2019This isn't new for gsmarena. Thet do it often.*they

johncasacop, 07 Sep 2019Why post a phone that isn't released yet?This isn't new for gsmarena. Thet do it often.