Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Cameras at the back look so bad!

  • Rizwan

ST Leong, 11 Sep 2019So Ugly on it camera.nothing special compare to Xs..dunno w... moreIt's a good change so far. Great to know that it has an ultrawide lens. selfie video with slow motion, selfie 4k video wide lens, and ultrawide. So much packed for the same price as last year.

  • Anonymous

At least it finally has a triple camera setup, but the notch is still horrendous, quick charging is still slow and the battery life subpar. If this was their low end offering i'd consider this against something like mi 9 or mi 9t pro, but at a thousand bucks this is a hard pass - can do so much better for that kind of money.

  • YesMan

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019If you're not their buyer, why would you even care about di... moreYes, you are right. I'm not the buyer and I don't care about this phone. Just here to see the alien design camera.

I'm from India, and It's priced at Rs 99990 ($ 1395) for the 64GB variant. Just too much inflation.

So Ugly on it camera.nothing special compare to Xs..dunno what Tim Cook and the team is doing...nothing special except for the camera longer the leader in Tech Industry... announcement damn boring...the whole world could see the actual design even before apple announced it yesterday...are they own the patents or somebody else? except for the iOS,no one would think Apple is actually selling a good products to consumers.

  • Bulbul

Very poor back side design from apple(stive jobs)

  • Drix

Love it

  • Anonymous

If you're not their buyer, why would you even care about disadvantages?

  • Anonymous

Camera looks like philips electric shaver

  • saswat23

Miha, 11 Sep 2019Dissapointed, im buying P30 PRO.. This thing is ugly.Very soon you will see other android devices copying this ugly design.

  • Steve jobs

Welcome to apple. We at apple would like to introduce the iphone 11 and for the first time in apple history we are giving you a fast charger in the box!

Apple the best phone maker lmfao

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019Overprice phoneThat's normal for iPhone because it's Apple.

  • Arduy

Why?? 2019 and no type-c ? Even mid range smartphone now use type-c. Many laptop use type-c too now.

  • Norman

For every other phone, the top pic is of the front and the pic behind it is of the phones back, but in this case, the emphasis is entirely on the phones back design.

  • Anonymous

Thats huge notch.... while other brands try reduce notch size

  • Fade.

Hope they make a smaller model. Even these "small" models are barely handled with 1 hand. But the whole industry is going there!!!! Yes it's better to watch content on bigger display, but not at the cost of being uncomfortable in the pocket while sitting and stretching the thumb to it's limit's while using it with 1 hand.

  • Min Thu Rein

Wish to know the actual price based on GB. Like it a lot

  • Bruh

what tf is this design

  • Miha

Dissapointed, im buying P30 PRO.. This thing is ugly.

  • Nikhil

3190 battery life is very disappointing at the price point.