Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

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  • Cr79

Empire, 06 Sep 2019This is the world most, superb , extreme, ultimate device ,... moreTruth that you leave... It's the ugliest iPhone ever!

  • lol

0 inovation 99 degradation, new chipset and everything else trash

  • Anonymous

Funny how it's just slightly, slightly larger, yet they call it "Max". When you go from 5" to 6" screen, that's "Max".

It will probably cost $295 more or something.

  • Anonymous

It may be a rummered image and the real isn't lite that right?

This is the second ugliest phone I saw after Google Pixel 3XL. This series are worse than XS.

d45, 06 Sep 2019note 10 betterYou are so right for being the fugliest phone for 2019

IPhone is making the ugliest smartphone in 2019, but their loyal fans would say its a beast its the best device for 2019 while the rest of the world are lmfao.

  • Patres87

Don't think this will bring anything revolutionary to the table.
Stagnating for the second generation.
If they don't reinvent the product lineup, people are going to notice and move away sooner or later.
Their only advantage is the eco-system and services they offer.

  • George

Huawei Mate 30 Pro >>> iPhone 11 pro max

  • TuPapi

Nice phone, but this little beast will cost at least $1400 where I live haha man those prices.

  • TuPapi

AnonD-819322, 06 Sep 2019I'll be annoyed at Apple fanatics who know pretty much noth... moreFan or not you look very obsessed with Apple lol

  • Mark Z

What a big notch!

  • d45

note 10 better

  • Swik

Its going to be a killer .

  • AnonD-819322

I'll be annoyed at Apple fanatics who know pretty much nothing about their favourite brand which is a majority of them. They're gonna call it the 11, not the XI, did people (including Apple) forget how roman numerals are supposed to be pronounced. I cringe when people say X, XS and XR as the letters themselves. Don't follow Apple's way, follow the right way, there's a difference.

  • Joe Mcnally

Abdel., 06 Sep 2019Worst design ever saw in a phone.. Don't blame people to no... moreYou're wrong

Worst design ever saw in a phone.. Don't blame people to not buy this big eyes!

  • Harsha D

I love it so much

Now it is perfect design of Apple.

  • Anonymous

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max - a bit wordy