Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max selfie camera gets into the Top 10 in the DxOMark charts

Peter, 27 January 2020

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max selfie camera placed in the Top 10 in DxOMark’s charts, even if just barely. It’s a solid 9 points up on its predecessor, the XS Max, and a point shy of matching the Pixel 4.

The lens of the front-facing camera on the iPhone 11 family is wider than that of the XS phones, which helped. Also, the new SL 3D camera performs well when it comes to rendering bokeh in portrait shots.

Where the camera falls short is noise and low-light performance. In fact, the low light tests is where the phone lost the most points.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max selfie camera gets into the Top 10 in the DxOMark charts

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is fairly unique as it’s capable of recording 2160p/60fps video with its selfie camera and capturing 1080p/120fps slow-mo footage. Add to that a capable gyro-based EIS and a competent video HDR implementation and the phone goes into the Top 5 with a video score of 90.

Ultimately, the iPhone 11 phones (all three use the same hardware for the selfie cam) is a marked improvement over the XS generation. But if the selfie camera is a priority, you could do better than iPhone.



Reader comments

In Android, it's not a problem. I don't even need to configure, I just tap anywhere on the screen to take a selfie.

  • Anonymous

Never had this problem on Android since Any physical button can be configured to be used as camera button including fingerprint scanner (at the back) which IMO was the best way to click a selfie.

The most disappointing thing about iPhone 7 Plus selfie cam is that it doesn't allow taking a pic by tapping "anywhere on the display" (it's fairly difficult for your index finger to reach the virtual camera button when you hold an iPhone by one hand...

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