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  • Anonymous

jimmy , 21 Feb 2022so sell your iphoneor he could just do something called “getting it fixed”

  • Anonymous

Iphone12User, 17 Feb 2022I am using an IPhone 12. Everything is fine. Everything is ... moreso saddd........................i can understand your feeling Because i have same issuse.

  • Jackie

Why can’t you turn off the dailing dings??? You should be able to turn this off for personal dailing!! Put this in place it should be already come on Apple

  • jimmy

Iphone12User, 17 Feb 2022I am using an IPhone 12. Everything is fine. Everything is ... moreso sell your iphone

  • Iphone12User

I am using an IPhone 12. Everything is fine. Everything is good. But I drop my phone flat about 3ft on the ground. its a concrete. My outer main camera lens is cracked. If I take pictures with many lights it affects the quality and there is a white spots on the picture.

So even if your using a high end phone. If you drop it. surely it will cracked. Thats thins glass works

jegp69, 16 Feb 2022idk why im having a problem w the speakers.. they sound rea... moreCheck if there is dust there! Mine has problem with charging and after I cleaned up is good as new

  • jegp69

idk why im having a problem w the speakers.. they sound really bad and low... any thoughts on what to do? i checked in settings and everything but i cant make it sound right.

  • Anonymous

RandyRiffin, 26 Jan 2022Yet you will continue to buy it. Because even though Apple ... moreLOL these days most Apple haters are the one that can’t afford iPhone. iPhone no longer a luxury product, especially in North America iPhone 12 is going for the same price as mid range Android phones. And unlike mid rage android phones most of them made with plastic and has very poor spec, iPhone 12 still look and feel and perform just as good as new iPhone 13

  • Shawn

It started off with me having my iphone 8 which I've had since 8th grade. It was better back then but as time goes on and they keep creating newer gen phones, the iphone 8 just wasn't able to keep up with all the new things added. After experiencing many problems with the 8 such as the phone getting hot, freezing, and just generally not working in some situations. I decided it was finally time for an upgrade. So I worked until I was able to afford my own phone. After saving up enough I went to try to get the iphone x, but I never thought I would be leaving out with the iphone 12. Overall I think this is the best phone I have ever used, and always had the best feeling and never had a bad experience with this phone. At the rate they are releasing new iPhones it won't be long before the iPhone 12 is outdated.

There are new features such as no home button, more and better cameras, etc. they have upgraded the camera to have new integration such as 12-megapixel (wide), 12-megapixel (ultra-wide) 4k resolution, with the iphone 8 plus only having a 12 MP camera with autofocus. The iphone 12 has better significant battery life to last 17 hours which is 3.5 times higher than the iphone 8 which only has 13.5 hours. They also have added 5g to the iphone 12 for better phone service and connection. The phone is also compatible with wireless charging. It has a built in ceramic shield front which makes it tougher to crack.

Price ranges and variants
The iphone 12 cost is about 699 dollars but you can make payments on it for 29.12 a month. Money can be taken off the cost if you trade in another iphone but it depends o
n your current phone and the condition of it. There are many colors to choose from and variants of the phone as well. Such as the iphone 12 mini, 12 pro, and the 12 pro max with the mini being the smallest and the pro max being the largest size.
The latest software in the iPhone is IOS 15.3. which redesigns the whole layout of how the phone works. Features included in this update are portrait mode, new facetime layout and enhancements, added spatial audio, a redesign of the notifications, bug fixes, upgrades to the Ai Siri, and improved performance of the phone.

  • Anonymous

For people thinking if the phone is worth it or not.
iPhone 12 is the cheapest iPhone with 5G from Apple. Is not the best of course and you can find better priced iPhones out there, if you are not interested in 5G (something like iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max).
Keep in mind though, that iPhone models older than 2 years (11 series and below) will come with battery health of 82-86% usually. Is not entirely bad, but just keep in mind that if you want to use your iPhone for more than 6 month a battery update will definitely be required (so extra money spent).
Thus being said, iPhone 12 models (even the second hand ones) come with minimum 95% battery health. Because is a newer model.

Now comes the more tricky part. If you want to buy an iPhone 12 directly from the store, new at full price, is not worth it. Because the iPhone 12 (128Gb variant) is almost the same price as iPhone 13 (128Gb variant). Even though the iPhone 13 is not so much of an improvement from iPhone 12 (I am talking about vanilla versions here), still if you have both phones at similar prices, iPhone 13 is the better option.
But, if you can get an iPhone 12 much cheaper (something like unsealed or almost new from specialized stores), then is worth it. You will pay 150-200EUR less than an iPhone 13.

Conclusion, iPhone 12 directly from the store, new with full price is not worth it. Get the iPhone 13 instead at similar price. iPhone 12 second hand device (as almost new or something similar), much cheaper than an iPhone 13, is worth it.

  • PSC19

Lio53, 28 Jan 2022Trust me, buy iPhone 11 pro max...Don’t buy 11 pro now bcoz 11 pro is not having Face ID with mask option.Buy 12 as it’s a 5g phone and it does have option for option for Face ID with mask. Only thing in 11 pro is a telephoto lens other than that buying 11 pro now makes no sense

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2022🙄 Maybe the 7 years of software updates compared to 2and the quality of the products we are paying for.

  • Anonymous

RandyRiffin, 28 Jan 2022That's still not an excuse to say a phone has good bat... moreI would definitely not be better off with a Moto G Power because
a) it is not available in my country
b) It won’t get software updates for more than a year
c) it will be much slower. I‘m not even sure if the G37 has big cores, otherwise it will probably perform worse than an iPhone 5s. Also, eMMC storage, like what year is it?
d) it‘s built from plastic, yuck (also not good for the environment)
e) it doesn’t support airdrop, iCloud, etc. which I all use with my iPad and Mac
f) it’s way too big, like extremely too big. The iPhone SE is pretty much the upper limit of size I‘m comfortable in using. Maybe I could get by with the iPhone 12 or 13 but I‘m more comfortable with the SE size
g) the camera will be worse
h) the video will be way worse
i) I won’t buy a phone that puts these fake 2MP cameras on their back
j) it is less secure, especially after a few years of no software updates
k) at this point, Motorola is sadly owned by Lenovo which is Chinese. I don’t like the Chinese government
l) no stereo speakers
m) no OIS
o) no water resistance
p) no 1080p@60fps Video (of course no 4K@60 either)
q) no NFC
r) only 10 W charging, and that at this battery size
s) no Wireless charging, though I have to admit i don’t use it, but it could be useful when I’m somewhere where there is no lightning cable. I didn’t get out of house in the past months really

What I would prefer about it were headphone jack and 90Hz display. But otherwise for me, phones like these are just a powerbank with a screen and android. I also thought like you in the past. That‘s why I changed my iPhone 5 for an Xperia M4 Aqua back in the day, because after 2 years a cheaper android has to be better right? Well after actually using it, i was slowly but painfully proven wrong over a period of 1.5 years, there is a quality difference. The slow processor, the smaller storage, the camera that takes ages to shutter, the regular overheating from light usage, the slow charging, the f…ing plastic back that scratches when looking at it the wrong way, the lower grade vibration motor, the positioning of the charging port in the upper left hand corner (wtf), just the lackluster performance in both the basics (speed, camera) and the little things (built, haptics) have made me conclude to never ever again buy these cheap plastic things in this price range. And the iPhone SE is priced like those, but doesn’t have those issues because it is an old flagship, and that is the only option for me, even if it means buying used.

But at least you understood that people use their phone differently and have different perceptions of good enough battery life. Of course its battery life will not be enough for someone who plays CoD Mobile or PUBG for 8 hrs a day (even though I’d be more concerned about the user instead of the phone battery in that case). For someone like me who plugs their phone in over night, this is absolutely a non issue. My battery life is 3x better than with the iPhone 7 and its very degraded battery I used before.

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2022iPhone SE how about that? I have it and I‘m happy (no batt... moreThat's still not an excuse to say a phone has good battery life. You are just making good of what you have. Your SE lasts a day with your usage, cool. But you still can't deny, that it has worse battery life compared to other phones, and that you would be better off with, say a Moto G Power, that will last you 4 days using your usage.
Sure, I don't play heavy games with my Pixel 5, and it feels snappy to me, but I still have to admit it has a slow processor, or at least a slower processor than Oneplus 8T.

Jbr lqmn, 27 Jan 2022Guys i m going to buy iphone for the 1st time so i m not su... more11 Pro has curved edges, a telephoto and better battery life and the same oled screen. But 12 will last a year longer.

  • Anonymous

RandyRiffin, 26 Jan 2022... And that's why you get an android phone. Preferabl... moreiPhone SE how about that?
I have it and I‘m happy (no battery life is not abysmal it‘s like any other 2017 phone and I didn‘t double my phone usage since then like seemingly everybody else did)

  • Anonymous

RandyRiffin, 26 Jan 2022Yet you will continue to buy it. Because even though Apple ... more🙄
Maybe the 7 years of software updates compared to 2

Jbr lqmn, 27 Jan 2022Guys i m going to buy iphone for the 1st time so i m not su... moreTrust me, buy iPhone 11 pro max...

  • Jbr lqmn

Guys i m going to buy iphone for the 1st time so i m not sure which 1 i should buy Iphone 11pro or 12
Can u guys suggest me
Nd i will use at least 3 4yr

  • Anonymous

RandyRiffin, 26 Jan 2022Yet you will continue to buy it. Because even though Apple ... moreI’m not sure there’s anything Apple could have done about this. The theory goes that in most countries, people fled traditional text messaging faster than in the U.S., due to more onerous per-message fees–and Apple was just too late to the party. If it had wanted to compete, though, it would have had to create an iMessage app for Android, and it chose not to. People chose other apps.

Since Apple made that choice not to support Android, though, it’s probably safe to say that Apple never actually intended for iMessage to compete for instant-message domination over the rest of the world. Its charter was always a bit more limited. The goal was to change Apple’s operating systems so they were no longer dependent on the ancient, carrier-controlled SMS text message system.