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Recently bought this phone, previously was a samsung user, but I'm having issue with it, specially while connecting to my car's audio system, everytime I've to connect it manually not as expected from this phone, while my previous phone used to do it automatically once do it for first time. Can anyone help

  • whyuseMP3wehaveTIDAL

Just recently use that device......sometime I'm feel little bit disappointed...... I'm from android (RIP LG )user who always keep audio quality in top notch first thing first... I have sony wi-1000x2 and wh-1000x4 and like you know this phone don't have ldac.... I'm use high tier iems like moondrop s8/sony ier m9 and connected with external dac but the sound still worst idk why when I'm listen to tidal....the soundstage feel really weird....imaging is not crisp...lack treble extension....lack dynamic and another thing is i can't play my FLAC/DSD file .....

I have destop audio setup to.....still i use phone when go outside but at least give a decent audio lmao

About interface ui and anything i know this phone have to much minimize and make you can't do anything so don't care to much bc i still have my android phone

Ios 15.3 have to much bug🤷

I'm just use this for only for WhatsApp,browsing and light game this bat still enough for me.....more that 5 hour soT

When term of camera.... For me still ok not the best....

Pros:bc of 12mp sensor ....per picture don't take to much storage compare to android with 64mp or you can send your picture at WhatsApp with zero compress

Cons:feature cam to basic compare to my Xiaomi mi11 and when come to group photo my phone always been use😑😑 idk why people brainwashing about that cam😑

So my conclusion is

For android user who like explore/gaming/critical listening music and make to much modding etc...maybe this phone not the best but for simple guy who don't care about smart gimmick feature this phone is great


  • Golmei

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021Face ID is a scam. Received a brand new phone and Face ID n... moreexcept for heating while playing games, the rest is awesome, Face ID is impressive even in low light, camera work perfectly fine with 4K/24fps, and charging can get full charge from 20% to 100 within 50 minutes, my experience though for one month

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021Face ID is a scam. Received a brand new phone and Face ID n... moreyou can’t really speak for all of face ID itself, where did you even get the phone?

  • Anonymous

Face ID is a scam. Received a brand new phone and Face ID not working out of the box.

  • Onthe45th

I'm sorry, but if ever there was a case of the emperor's new clothes, this UI is it. Full disclosure- I am switching from a Samsung Android. I don't like Google's privacy (or complete lack thereof) so I'm trying to switch. Sadly, I can say that in the vast majority of instances, the Android operating system is VASTLY superior, particularly if you are into multi tasking, or want simple things down quickly. The lack of customization is ridiculous in comparison, as is setting changes, simple email add ons, switching between programs, calendar, calculator. Bluntly, if you are attempting to switch operating systems, I STRONGLY suggest trying a used phone outright. I'm now locked into a 3 year commitment because I got a "deal" on a phone. Big mistake. I realize, that for some bizzaro reason, people take critiques of their beloved operating systems personally. I do not. I honestly could care less. Sit next to someone with even a 4 year old Samsung and try similar tasks. You will be blown away at how much more effective the android os is. If you want to watch cat videos and play puzzle apps, the iphone is better. The iphone is VASTLY superior to android with peripherals- it isn't even close. Android Auto is as much of garbage as Apple Maps. The hardware seems comparable, but the iphone battery life is inferior, at least for my purposes. My S9 still holds up better throughout the day than my brand new iphone12.

  • Umair

Guys amazed to see that with iOS 15, now even Japanese mode iPhone 12 can also take pics with creating that shutter sound… i was waiting for this feature because Japanese model resale was less due to this issue now its no more there thanks Apple

  • Chameera in srilanka

Wow nice phone good battery life ❤️🇱🇰

  • Anonymous

After 10 months battery capacity is at 92% huge L

  • Haryana

my honest review,
camera is beast, battery backup is epic, but heating problem is there while playing 20 minutes

  • singh virendra

i am using clone it gives me best results

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021Whats your iphone 12 battery health? Just Asking.After 10 months mine is on 98%

  • Anonymous

Very nice phone, i like it very much.

  • Tobby

jetman189, 28 Sep 2021I had the iphone 12 for about a month now, social media, yo... moreThere is iphone 12 clone. The worst phone ever i wish the iphone 12 clone have a good camera like real iphone 12 and a good battery. People dont buy the clone although they look alike. DONT BUY IT

I had the iphone 12 for about a month now, social media, youtube and a few hours of mobile gaming here and there and I'm quite impressed with the battery life, I can max the battery life for more than 2 days with minimal use, can't even do that on my previous android devices.

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021Whats your iphone 12 battery health? Just Asking.i have mine for a month now and it's on 100%

  • Anonymous

Whats your iphone 12 battery health? Just Asking.

Alpha, 20 Sep 2021So when your BT headphones run outta battery and you don�... moreMy Galaxy Buds+ last for 11h before they need charging. The case doubles that, and I can even charge them on the back of my phone. Having a headphone jack is always nice, but c'mon...

  • Sean

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021I think Zapple lost its appeal in 2021 Then go buy your Android and enjoy your two years of updates and lag-based software.

hi, youre not having any heating issues when playing mobile legends? just like the person you responded to, i plan on getting this and i game 2-3 hours straight (but not always) i would appreciate the help