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Apple iPhone 12

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  • Anonymous

A7sii, 14 Oct 2020$100 Android phones have more features..hahahaAnd like 1 year support

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2020Wow this phone is from the future! So many old features fro... moreThan stick with them and keep your trash talk away.

  • MeMySelfAndI

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2020Pretty cool one. Now I am expecting DXOMark to drop iPhone... moreLMAO.
Right what can be better than crappy super zoom camera. Like do you always take photos with super zoom. And lol really comparing cheep android phones having a space zoom but this not. The quality is terrible on them. Why add a future that's terribly excecated just to brag about.

8k is useless for mainstream. People won't be getting 8k tv's for a long time. And tbh there's no need. So it's not mandatory. And again others put it just to brag about it.

There's no need for 90% screen to body ratio. Iphone's have notches becasue of the face id. Other bezzeles ar thinner that your androids. (not all ofc)

Nikos, 14 Oct 2020Cmon guys. Usb 2 lighting in 2020? Are we serious? We gonna... moreI agree
They should get rid of some weird standarts like lightning and
random resolutions(750p, 1170p, 1242p etc)

finally a higher res oled screen on a base model iphone
those hd+ ips screens was a joke for a 700 dollar phone

Nikos, 14 Oct 2020Cmon guys. Usb 2 lighting in 2020? Are we serious? We gonna... moredot expect type c on iphone, just remain with your android please. we are think of wireless charging only don't bring android confusion .thx

  • A7sii

$100 Android phones have more features..hahaha

  • crs007

Nikos, 14 Oct 2020Cmon guys. Usb 2 lighting in 2020? Are we serious? We gonna... morenever gonna happen. They would rather remove the port entirely than lose money. I thing they will promote strongly the new wireless magsafe charger.

  • Nikos

Cmon guys. Usb 2 lighting in 2020? Are we serious? We gonna need about 2-3 adapters and chargers? I was going to change from android to iphone but eventually this gonna happen when the charging port will be a type c...

  • nesta

what about battary capacity ?

  • Anonymous

Only ok for an iPhone lover....not much to offer with the heavy price tag

  • Beast

definitely this is the best choice to go !! since other 2 models almost similar to this model.

Nzo HARU , 13 Oct 2020This is the one to go for! The one for most people but Appl... moreAbsolutely. Especially when there is nothing else apart from phone and literature. There's no headphone and no charger in the box any more.

  • LST

battery? It will be a big surprise :))

  • Anonymous

Pretty cool one.
Now I am expecting DXOMark to drop iPhone from the current 15 position to something below 50 :D.
C'mon it's 2020, ZOOM camera's are standard even on $200 cheap chinese phones.
8K is standard across all top models.
~90% Screen-to-body ratio is standard across all top-models as well.
if they released this iPhone 12 in 2016 I'm pretty sure they were going to be the-best in market. So it's not a bad phone... just 4-years delayed.

In my opinion , the iphone 12 is the best iphone that apple have released this year , i'm still disappointed because of the notch , outdated design and no charging brick , but this phone is almost identical to the 12 pro (except the 12 pro has a telephoto camera and lidar sensor) and it's $200 cheaper , i was going to buy the 12 pro but after i watched the event , i'm going to get the regular 12 instead

Diana, 13 Oct 2020I cant wait to order mine. The specs are way better than iP... moreCorrect. Let's wait for the battery and some first level reviews before taking the plunge.

  • GEEK

Does it support mmWave Frequency Range 2 (FR2) bands?

Apple website has no mention of n260 and n261 bands

  • SM-SA

definitely getting this, 128GB model, it's a go to now that the display has improved compared to XR and 11 and added features 5G, not to mention the improved chip and battery, IOS 14.

  • hgj

Remember when iPhone fanboys were screaming how their LCDs were as good or better than OLED lol now look at all of u, finally in the all OLED club