Apple iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone 12 mini

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020If Android manufacturers don't follow this trend and s... moreSony and google pixel already do reasonably sized phones, also samsung A41 is pretty reasonable too.

  • Sevy

The leaked Antutu score is lower than Snapdragon 865. After how much they bragged aboit the A14, I'm kinda disappointed. Not like I would need the bigger performance, but they didn't have to lie

  • Bobby

It seems that the iPhone 12 mini is trending more than anything else at the moment.

Excellent! Maybe at last the Android manufacturers will wake up and add compact phones with flagship specs in their list (with no need of ridiculous number of cameras).

  • Anonymous

Apple never specify about their specifications...
Its obvious that gsmarena wouldn't have all the details like other android phones provide..
I dont understand the craze for apple phones😔

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020whats the battery size why hidden ???Because It's not confirmed yet

  • Arey

Iphone 12 mini or Samsung s10e?

  • Anonymous

whats the battery size why hidden ???

  • Bud

The mini has the sweetest hotspot size-wise. Makes me excited about a counterpart from Samsung. Fingers crossed, that this will become reality. Go for it, Sammy. Make Minis Great Again!

  • Anonymous

Sixmund penta, 15 Oct 2020Why no any details about battery capacity? Worse battery ev... more2,227 mAh. apple's website claims the battery to be better than the 2020 SE and on par with the X/XS, for better or for worse.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020I am android user since 2013. Will it be okay if i switch t... moregeneral UI wise iOS and android become increasingly indistinguishable with every update. The biggest difference is the inability to sideload apps on iOS natively and having to jump through a bunch of hoops to do so. As for transferring data I've only ever tried moving data from iOS to android which went relatively smoothly. The other way around shouldn't be too difficult.

Why no any details about battery capacity? Worse battery ever this time ???

  • Android v iOS

IMO the comparison between android and iOS is not valid. They’re are different software. Different hardware approach.

It is like Linux and Windows. Everything has their own pros and cons.

  • Ex-iPhone Hater

Ordering 12 tomorrow and see how the battery is. I will be ordering 12 mini i want to get it but it is releasing later. My only worry is battery. I hope it has better battery than SE 2020.

11 pro has ace battery.

  • Anonymous

Sean, 15 Oct 2020dude , u actually forgot that one plus has 12GB of ram sams... moreapple sources OLED screens... from Samsung. They're the same. And RAM really doesn't matter much in a phone. Storage is a fair point though, other manufacturers at least give you a generous amount of storage.

I am Android phone user but I think Apple nailed all Android manufacturers with iPhone 12 lineup. They released 4off iPhone with different dimension and slightly different camera setup while Android only has enormous number of models which are huge and more or less same and usually software updates last for max 2 years.

  • Ibra

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020I am android user since 2013. Will it be okay if i switch t... moreI did it i used to be android fanboy. Converted friends and family from ios to android lol

Last year i used iphone 11pro and loveeeed it. What a build! Great software optimisation. Awesome battery life. Brilliant camera sets it was perfect phone. To be honest there are still a lot of room in ios to change and grow.

Android is now saturated i think you can see android 11 there are no big changes. Do it get an iPhone

You can say what you want about Apples new lineup but I absolutely love the fact that they came out with this compact model of their new iPhone. Companies need to end this horrendous trend of 17cm long phones. Or, if you are going to make a huge phone, have a compact option, I dont want to carry a damn tablet in my pocket.

  • Davidoff

Proviwilly , 15 Oct 2020No big deal there. I think the only thing you well miss whe... moreI will definitely miss a lot more than what you mentioned, and what you mentioned is not even relevant for me. Simple example is direct mp3 and video download from youtube amd mich much much more useful stuff wich i use more than the camera for example. 😁

  • Sean

Proviwilly , 15 Oct 2020No big deal there. I think the only thing you well miss whe... moredude , u actually forgot that one plus has 12GB of ram samsung has 500GB storage and samsung has super amoled display .... lol

  • Jaime love alva

this is so cute... 😍