Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

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  • Anonymous

KrAnG, 17 hours agoOh for goodness sakes, could you not recommend one of the m... moreI also can't stand him and his worshipers
Like are we supposed to change our phone every few months and pay thousands of $ for a flagship or what
They are pathetic

Gadoy, 10 Jan 2021Iphones are known to make the customers pay for the brand. ... moreOh for goodness sakes, could you not recommend one of the most overrated YouTubers out there? There are other much, more in depth, less biases tech youtubers out there.


Think Advance, 12 Jan 2021Nah pass for this i'll go with 11 pro max or will wait... moreThe iphone 13 have no can only use the wireless charging.iphone 11 have good batteries and good sofware,but the iphone 12 pro max have better protection and water resistance

  • AnoM

Anoymous, 09 Jan 2021Before I start reviewing this device, I would like to addre... moreYou just can't stop people mocking Apple, simply because Apple themself are overhyping their own product.
Yes, every smartphone brand are doing the same, hence Apple is no exception.

  • Anonymous

kyooby, 14 Jan 2021Better specs on paper. Iphones with 2gb rams can perform mu... moreAlthough the point may be that iOS is better optimized, you still cannot make such a claim as 20 apps opened without problem, as each app has different memory consumption
Sometimes you cannot even open 5 apps while some other time, more.

But at the end, the number of ram does not matter while price matters.
Even if the OS requires more ram, the price still is lower most of the time, so who cares, are you a scientist?

  • Anonymous

Yesterday i existing in my old phone memory to my new apple 12 pro max. Memory transfer finished after stop (hang) my phone. What can i do. Anyone who can help me. Please...

romanson, 15 Jan 2021Can anyone tell me , since i do a lot od everithing , and g... moreThey have basically the same battery life. I’ve heard that the 12 Series runs out of battery quickly in gaming but that’s likely an issue that will be fixed via an update.

Can anyone tell me , since i do a lot od everithing , and gaming , is 12 pro max battery life worse than on 11 pro max????
Thanx all who answer

  • Ayaz

I wanna buy 12 pro max. But I want to buy dual sim. I heard that , when 1 sim in use, other sim gone network less and never come back until restart. Is it true. Should I go for 1 sim ?? Please anybody help me out.

Apple User, 15 Jan 2021I think he means the battery capacity. Because iPhone 12 pr... moreYeah probably. You’re right they perform the same with battery; their argument is ignorant.

  • Apple User

Furiounx, 14 Jan 2021What do you mean reduced battery health? Can you clarify?I think he means the battery capacity. Because iPhone 12 pro max has a smaller battery than the 11 pro max. In my experience. both have almost the same battery life as I have them both and I use both for work only.

Wardy9285, 12 Jan 2021Hi guys I'm genuinely curious I have a p30 pro which i... moreAndroid specs and Apple specs comparison doesn't make sense. Apple makes their hardware exactly for their software, and vice versa. So, a new iPhone with inferior specs to an older Android, can still win from that Android (and even newer Android phones), because their hard-soft communicate very, very well.

Better specs on paper. Iphones with 2gb rams can perform much better than any 6gb ram android phones. Never compare an android os with ios( better security and smoth navigation with 20 apps opened on background). You wil not understand ios if you are used to android . I wiil never get back to android after holding an iphone in my hands in 2016.

[deleted post]What do you mean reduced battery health? Can you clarify?

  • Anonymous

If you use 120hz display devices you wont ever switch to 60hz because 60hz is super slow & also the new iphone may be well made good camera faster but its just like the price it is selling for that much tech is missing, compare the other phones tech i mean dont go over the videos or website reviews because daily you are not going to take so many pics vids professionally, its just occasionally. Phone is not bad but after using other new devices it feels behind, only issue coming with android is 3 years updates limit, there should be 5 year android updates on premium phones at least because all paying so much. Like samsung galaxy fold is so expensive & end up with 3 years updates only, devices today can go on fr 5 years without issues they are so well made. Battery too now crossing 6000mah capacity, so should give people longer updates of they pay more

  • Anonymous

Apple User, 11 Jan 2021Sorry not tim cook. I also have the samsung galaxy s10+ and... moreTim Crook

  • Anonymous

Apple User, 30 Dec 2020Well In my opinion and experience, bigger battery will defi... moreYet some of the Android manages to beat iphone on SOT time to time.
You get a better efficiency on iphone, but those Androids battery capacity is higher than the efficiency, and yea most of them are cheaper too.
So I don't see much of your point, except you're sharing your belief based on your iphone experience rather than actually comparing with others

  • Anonymous

TechGeek, 05 Jan 2021This phone is really good (if you can afford it). Some of m... moreThis phone is really good (if you can afford it). Some of my favourite features are:
- Large display to view all of your content
Normal size of screen, less screen to body ratio than most competitors
- High resolution screen: great for movies and games
Most competitors got better resolution (though not a big deal as your eyes can't see that much)
- The fastest chip in a smartphone ( the benefits are quite obvious for this one)
The benefit isn't obvious as regular users don't need so much power
- Best video quality in a smartphone
Have you compared with other phones?

- Ceramic Shield on the front display for 400% better drop resistance
It doesn't much better much. Glass is glass, and it breaks when you drop it.
And when you drop it, you won't know exactly on which surface, when and how high you would be dropping from.
But it's safe to assume that once you drop it, any phone will have some damage even though you may or may not see from your eyes.
So just don't drop it whether it's an iphone or another.

- Stainless Steel frame for scratch resistance and drop damage protection
Most people put case on the phone anyways

- Square edges to make the phone more grippy and less likely to drop out of your hands
dude, just put the case on already

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021This Phone is trash. No 90/120Hz Display, no Fast Charging,... moreIt's true that Apple charges too much comparing to other brands though the phone itself isn't trash for sure
With that said doesn't mean I am going to buy this expensive phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021I would tell you to get the 8 plus or the X so you won'... more8 plus or X is still a lot of money even after few years, especially considering just for surfing web and social lol