Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

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  • Anonymous

No 5g 700 hz frekvency, this i bad. It means it Can not be used i EU 5 G metwork

  • Anonymous

Ok, it's my mistake to have been expecting something radical from Apple...yeah, my mistake lol

  • Man

Nothing new this year in iPhone 2020 getting worst and worst.

  • Marques

I don't keep much expectations from Apple and yet somehow they manage to disappoint me every year.

  • matt

not much compared to my iphone 11 pro max.. i am not upgrading i think


  • Anonymous

I got an iPhone 11 which is a great phone ,battery life is excellent (2 days use) .5G is not even available in most US cities ,probably south of Saharan desert we are expecting 5G around 2025.The only news on apple event today was the flat back reminiscent of iPhone 4 and LiDar on pro models.The notch is still there ,no improvement on battery life and OLED are power hungry.Not upgrading anytime soon if the notch is still there and am sure iPhone 11 will get software update 7 yrs to come.Black Lives Matter more than Oled True Black Screens.

  • Hac

No no way..

  • Anush E

Oh god. Camera setup is like samsung's 2018s phone

  • Anonymous

The s20 ultra still looks better

228g with a smaller battery, WTFugk!!!

  • TheSpecialOne

annoyedbug, 13 Oct 2020the only time I'll upgrade is when they add 120hz and ... moreActually, I am not a fan of Apple at all, but 5G is the most important feature of the new iPhone. In Germany where I live, there is a Gigabit-5G-coverage of ~55 % at the moment and it will reach 67 % of the country in January 2021, even many small villages are covered with superfast 5G.
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra which basically is the best available phone overall does not support all 5G bands and if the iPhone 12 will support all bands, many people here will buy it.

  • SharK

Mohammad. Miran, 13 Oct 2020one year passed and almost no R&D completed for this se... moreThis is not for value buyers. LOL. Value buyers can buy Chinese crap as always

  • Popeye

Display : 60Hz
PUBG players: Ok bie

  • Ash

What is the refresh rate of iphone 12

  • Anoop

Anybody can tell which mmwave band supported ?

  • Nobody

Everything its good. But what about battery and backup.previous iPhone I face many problem.

  • Anonymous

Powerfully smartest but design not change.Camera cutout nice its like 11 series but great also.They do not change notch cutout design.This things is not so great.

I have never seen a company playing with numbers like apple does: 20% better, 40% faster, 30% wider etc.......
last year they said iphone 11 face id was faster 20% faster than xs series but in reality it was the same.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020Definitely not beautiful as iPhones were called couple of y... moreYes