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Apple iPhone 13 Pro

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  • niki

LMAO what a joke of a phone. I had better specs on Galaxy s10. Guess the sheep will buy anything

AnonD-930503, 15 Sep 2021Yeah, go for Xiaomi, they will sell extremely pricy phone a... moreI never said anything about xiaomi ifan. And ur name is literally truedriod so I guess u were an driod boy at first.

Isiboss, 15 Sep 2021Thought the rumor says it will come equip with AoD, a port... moreIt's mostly not released. The satellite feature is for the iPhone 14 series according to a very reliable iphone leaker. And the Aod is nothing special its almost available on every phone now. Its very common. And in display ginger nah it still has face I'd. Most of this stuff is going or be in iphone 14. Which according to loads of romours will be an actuall upgrade instead of this one hwihc isn't much of an upgrade

  • Raheel

Battery capacity missing

Remy, 15 Sep 2021What about Hong-Kong version does it comes with Dual physic... moreYes for almost the entire 13 series except the mini

  • Anonymous

$1000+ phone with lousy battery and super slow charger,,, ridiculous obsolete

  • AnonD-930503

GAMIRSFM, 15 Sep 2021>Nobody uses zoom cam I do though and i wasn't eve... moreMultitasking, man it's not a notebook, how you can work on small display by using multitasking, it's not totally useless but it's not a great function,
I think there's nothing wrong with lightning cable
3 years ago I bought earphone "real iPhone earphone" It still works, before that I used Android phones like Samsung and others they didn't last long like iPhone earphone. So iPhone has quality

  • AnonD-930503

YUKI93, 15 Sep 2021"...nobody uses zoom camera" Speak for yoursel... moreThere are a lot of differences between telephoto and "super" Zoom of s21,
Please read before you answer,
I think you got a problem with your english

AnonD-930503, 15 Sep 2021Go watch review on YouTube, in real life IPhone is much bet... more"...nobody uses zoom camera"

Speak for yourself, I do. In fact, I use the telephoto camera WAY more than the ultrawide camera. I don't even remember the last time I used the ultrawide sensor.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 12 Pro Pacific Blue looks soooooo much better than this Sierra Blue

  • Guest

Cappacity of battery only 2935 mAh.

  • Anonymous

Jongjave, 15 Sep 2021Great marketing trick, with 120hz display only available in... moreThat is quite a bummer. Having the LTPO Adaptive screen on the mini variant would be super useful for battery life.

  • Anonymous

Considering that this year's Pro and Pro Max now shares the same camera hardware unlike last year's model and I always prefer compact dimension, this phone seems to looks like a worthy buy. But while this phone with 128GB internal storage costs exactly the same as the Sony Xperia 5 iii, it's $200 MORE than the Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB. Even if I choose the 256GB variant, I still can save $150. Hmmm... tough decision here since they all have their own advantage. The iPhone has great software life cycle while the Galaxy has Samsung DeX and the Sony has microSD card support and a headphone jack alongside video output support.

AnonD-930503, 15 Sep 2021Go watch review on YouTube, in real life IPhone is much bet... more>Nobody uses zoom cam
I do though and i wasn't even talking about cameras only. They both got zoom, main and ultrawide (S21 normal) but im talking about stuff like multitasking, desktop mode, type-c funtionality, more screen... and some other stuff.

Apple did amazing job this year as always! I simply love how they're keeping the ,,same" design, it's showing how unique it looks!
120hz, bigger battery, better display, amazing cameras and amazing new sierra blue color just wow!

204 gram 🤔🤔

  • AnonD-930503

Definitely, IPhone is intended for smart people

  • AnonD-930503

Jongjave, 15 Sep 2021Great marketing trick, with 120hz display only available in... moreIt's not a trick, it's real thing, listen AI turns iPhone display to 120 when it needs, when display has static image then iPhone turns it 10 ghz to stop consuming battery, this is the great difference between Android and IOS, because iOS has great optimisation

  • imaximum

how about issue feature low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication connectivity on iphone 13 series?

  • alpha

musang, 15 Sep 2021notch so wide,, where is the Battery mAH ?3095 mAh