Apple iPhone 14 battery replacement is 43% more expensive than previous generation

Ro, 12 September 2022

In case you are one of those users that like to hold onto their phone for years to come, you might want to know how much a battery replacement of your iPhone 14 would cost. It seems that Apple raised its prices to $99, which is a big jump from last year's $69. That's 43% to be exact.

Apple iPhone 14 battery replacement is 43% more expensive than last year

This price applies to all iPhone 14 models - the regular and the Pro ones. This new iPhone 14 batteries are marginally bigger than their predecessors, so it makes us wonder what caused such a big price hike. Not to mention the currently strong dollar makes matters worse for users outside of the US. For instance, a battery replacement in the UK would set you back £105.

Of course, those price tags are for replacements outside the warranty or AppleCare+ coverage. If you battery malfunctions the replacement will be free.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 16 Sep 2022
  • 70d

I wasn't talking about Apple phones. You said that all premium products use more expensive parts than what affordable products use, and I told you that it's not the case. The marketing teams of luxury brands will try their best to make you ...

Only one screaming and yelling here is you, but I bet you're well-aware of that. Since you love giving examples with cars, tell me the car whose replacement battery costs 12% of the original price of the car. Your logic is poo; deal wi...

Does anything on any iPhone seems like it's off the shelf component to you? Almost everything is custom design, even on vanilla models. Hell, have you seen the battery shape? It's L shaped. How many phones have such battery design to maximi...

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