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  • Anonymous
  • yVt
  • 22 May 2024

iPhone 15 (black) camera borders colour really fades??

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    • Xperia 10 VI
    • 8mp
    • 18 May 2024

    save your money, go for a Sony Xperia 10 VI instead of this.

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      • Geckoboi
      • S2f
      • 15 May 2024

      Design looks nice and build quality is solid, but honestly I am very shocked that in 2023 you still only get 60 Hz display. Also the charging speed is not very impressive. Biggest flaw is definitely the screen. Nothing justifies such a low quality screen in this price range.

        Hi all,
        We have received iOS 17.5 today in India..pls let me know if any heating issues while charging or performance issues are noticed by anyone post this update?

          They shouldn't have replaced the white color option with light blue. That's egregious! Nobody should spend extra just to get a white phone.

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            • I@a
            • 09 May 2024

            Disappointed with this model. My iPhone 12 Pro is so much better than this one. It easily heats, lagging sometimes and most of all, the recording audios from apps like tiktok and wesing were distorted. It sounds like a robot. Overall, I'm having regrets with this one.

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              • Amy
              • XB5
              • 02 May 2024

              I love the compact size , however I am not too sure of the battery

                RepublicOfRottenEggz, 24 Mar 2024Yeah, but the bloatware is an issue, oftentimes need third ... moreDelete the bloatware

                  Mad4Mobile, 27 Apr 2024Agree with you. It was a very formidable option in the begi... moreAgreed

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                    • Anonymous
                    • xK5
                    • 29 Apr 2024

                    bt, 29 Apr 2024USB c is one of the only reasons that this is better than t... moreWhy does it matter if it's a crippled version of USB, only to have a USB-C connector? Makes no sense.

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                      • bt
                      • 1Ye
                      • 29 Apr 2024

                      USB c is one of the only reasons that this is better than the previous models of iPhone and honestly, it's a pretty big change. if you have the 14 or 13 I wouldn't switch yet

                        Anonymous, 26 Apr 2024Xiaomi 14 is much better than this Agree with you. It was a very formidable option in the beginning and ticked almost all the boxes, including the budget. Only two issues persist.

                        1. The biggest positive point ( USP) of Xiaomi 14 series is the camera which I am not much interested with.
                        2. My biggest requirement is battery life (along with the compact size) and I am not getting much favourable feedback from the users on this parameter. Also, there are so many complaints about heating issue.

                        Hence, Xiaomi 14 is not the top choice as of now.

                          Anonymous, 24 Apr 2024Samsung s10e or s10 or s22 or s23 Asus Zenfone 9 or 10 Go... moreThanks lot for your suggestion. But the problem is that apart from Samsung and Motorola other phones are either not available or not serviceable here in India.

                          As I am having an Android flagship (OnePlus 12) as the primary phone, the iPhone 15 may have compatibility issue for WhatsApp migration. Seriously thinking of zeroing on to Galaxy S23 as the secondary handset. It perfectly suits the budget also

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                            • Anonymous
                            • CbE
                            • 26 Apr 2024

                            Xiaomi 14 is much better than this

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                              • Anonymous
                              • CDB
                              • 24 Apr 2024

                              Mad4Mobile, 17 Apr 2024Hi guys, I am presently using OnePlus 12 as my primary phon... moreSamsung s10e or s10 or s22 or s23
                              Asus Zenfone 9 or 10
                              Google pixel 5 or 8
                              Huawei p40
                              Motorola edge 30 neo

                              Those all, are compact phones, depends on budget...

                                Not mentioning the subpar 60Hz on a high priced phone in specifications isn't oversighted miss but a remiss. Not a move expected from Say what you want in the reviews, but the specifications?

                                  Hi guys, I am presently using OnePlus 12 as my primary phone and searching one compact phone as a secondary one. It may be a brand new one or second hand is also okay with me. The specifications need not be top notch but one down or two down are acceptable. Android and IOS both are acceptable. Display size around 6.2 inch (This is very important)

                                  Could find only 3 options-S24, Xiaomi 14 and iphone 15. Is there anything else available?

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                                    • Sine
                                    • apL
                                    • 13 Apr 2024

                                    My six-month-old iPhone sometimes doesn't charge unless I restart the device. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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                                      • Kxc
                                      • 07 Apr 2024

                                      lol, 26 Mar 2024Nothing specialI agree nothing special with HRR if not with suitable content nor highly detailed keen eyes

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                                        • dNr
                                        • 05 Apr 2024

                                        The iPhone 15 shows 5G also when it's not using 5G.