Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • ya mom

darkdragon, 06 May 2019it is the ugliest thing I have ever seenno u

  • darkdragon

it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen

  • FrankieDrifter

I restored my i-3G to iOS 4.0 today, after it was stuck on "Restore on iTunes" for years. Been using an i-4 since then.

Classic thing.

  • me

Still have this and still in use.

  • A person

And a whopping 128mb of ram, 8 or 16GB of storage and a fantastic and vibrant 2MP camera! All for a brilliant price of 90 euros

  • Anonymous

BLCK HACKER, 22 Jul 2018can this support whatsapp?yes

  • Josiah

omg! i remember this!

  • Smallie biggs

great stuff


can this support whatsapp?

  • shady

Tican, 29 Mar 2018what's the camera megapixel2mp

  • Anonymous

Tican, 29 Mar 2018what's the camera megapixel2 megapixels

  • Tican

what's the camera megapixel

  • AnonD-728622

AnonD-715519, 13 Nov 201710 years and still going strongThats great to know Bro ... But what are all the Apps , you are missing ?

  • AnonD-715519

10 years and still going strong

Barely any differences to the predecessor

  • babyboo

jay-r, 08 May 2016does iphone 3g install whatsapp??no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Anonymous

Eric Wang, 24 Dec 2016I don't think you can get WhatsApp on this because WhatsApp requ... moreI´m sorry but you are really wrong

  • Anonymous

My iphone3 does not update on wifi and cannot read my sim card anymore. Don't really know what to do to read all my information.

  • AnonD-668135

onga, 17 Mar 2017I have iPhone 3G and its can't update Facebook. WhyIt's the fact that, if it isn't jailbroken, iOS is too out of date to get the updates. (And, even if it is jailbroken, the hardware is a little in the past lol)