Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Joe

when i ordered this phone i didn't think much of it but when it was delivered i realized what a terrible mistake i had made, the phone was absolutely useless compared to todays devices

the best smart iphone the best year when iphone come to market 2008 i was hope to be have iphone 3g

  • ya mom

darkdragon, 06 May 2019it is the ugliest thing I have ever seenno u

  • darkdragon

it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen

  • FrankieDrifter

I restored my i-3G to iOS 4.0 today, after it was stuck on "Restore on iTunes" for years. Been using an i-4 since then.

Classic thing.

  • me

Still have this and still in use.

  • A person

And a whopping 128mb of ram, 8 or 16GB of storage and a fantastic and vibrant 2MP camera! All for a brilliant price of 90 euros

  • Anonymous

BLCK HACKER, 22 Jul 2018can this support whatsapp?yes

  • Josiah

omg! i remember this!

  • Smallie biggs

great stuff


can this support whatsapp?

  • shady

Tican, 29 Mar 2018what's the camera megapixel2mp

  • Anonymous

Tican, 29 Mar 2018what's the camera megapixel2 megapixels

  • Tican

what's the camera megapixel

  • AnonD-728622

AnonD-715519, 13 Nov 201710 years and still going strongThats great to know Bro ... But what are all the Apps , you are missing ?

  • AnonD-715519

10 years and still going strong

Barely any differences to the predecessor

  • babyboo

jay-r, 08 May 2016does iphone 3g install whatsapp??no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Anonymous

Eric Wang, 24 Dec 2016I don't think you can get WhatsApp on this because WhatsApp requ... moreI´m sorry but you are really wrong