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  • kenneth

anonymous, 30 Dec 2009hi. well i think its ok to buy in greenhills. how much are they ... moretnx for your quick response!
are u a filipino?

can i ask some more? what if i dont want it in plan? whats the price of iphone 3g 16gb?? in greenhills??

im planning to buy there soon.. Can you give me some advices on what to buy and where in g.h?

when i go there i saw some iphones that are sealed in plastic and theres a note telling that it is came from a factory or factory price something like that.. is it safe to buy that??
btw the stall that im talking where i see this sealed iphones are located in cellphone tiannges in 2nd floor

  • Jin Madera

where can i download free games like metal gear solid touch for iphone...thanks in advance if you have the links can you share it thank again...


  • anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970hi. well i think its ok to buy in greenhills. how much are they selling it and is it brand new? If you are using Globe plan, you might as well buy from them. upgrade your plan and then get the phone for cheaper. I am thinking of uprgrading my globe plan to 1599 per month...the phone then will only cost 12k. and for technical problems i think globe handles it too.

I have bought a phone from g.h but it was brand new so it was alright. you can buy as long as u get a warranty up to at least a couple of months.

  • Virus

kilouah, 28 Dec 2009does ur iphone lifetime battery last for two days? coz my iphone... moreYour battery should last upto 3 days provided you dont use the Ipod, if so then +-2 days.
I think you need to take it in for a check

  • Ms. Ramp Model

My new iphone will be delivered on Jan. 4, i just hope i wont encountered the same problems as what you guys have encountered! happy new year and more power to Mac!

  • IPhone Power

I love this phone but just upgraded to the GS. Well worth it. Much faster speeds. If you can upgrade.

  • sandeep

Phonefinder, 21 Dec 2009Any known issues using an unlocked iphone 3G on Idea network in India?there is no problem using iphone with idea network in india.i hv bn using ,this is great phone,i used only nokia but nokia is far behind,if u compaire with nokia or other phones.but battery life isnt works for half day only.

  • Jin Madera

bukas, 29 Dec 2009simply go to apps store type dictionary in the search then u wil... about vids...can i watch some video in what format...

  • bukas

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970simply go to apps store type dictionary in the search then u will fine what u looking for..

  • bukas

kilouah, 28 Dec 2009does ur iphone lifetime battery last for two days? coz my iphone... moremine still can hold at least for two days under the light usage such as make a few calls (maybe around 30 minutes),texting and listen to ipod for awhile..use light internet around 15 minutes..this normal..i've been using this superb gadget for 8 months now..but if u r heavy user (especially when surfing the net through the 3g or wifi) definitely ur battery wont last longer dude..ur can try it..i hv made a testing before,after i finished fully charge my iphone then i surf the net via 3g u only can use it maximum of 2 hours..before it went down to 10% of battery n need to charge it again..but if u use wifi can actually hold until 3 hours more thing alwez off ur 3g connection if u r in the standby mode..if not it will decrease ur battery life also even though u r not surfing the net..this thing is not the problem to iphone only,it happen to all gadget..surfing the net especially using 3g is definitely decrease ur battery life badly..

  • Tayyab

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2009Hi there... There is no such software required in Apple iPhon... morethank u 4 ur rply

  • kilouah

does ur iphone lifetime battery last for two days? coz my iphone 8gb 3g doesnt last not even a whole day!!was that a normal or do i have to send the fone for service??

  • Michael Hanna

Um gonna 2 buy it, would I?
Need advice!!

  • insomniac

To Jonny,

at 1st go to My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Check out ''
cut your music file (.mp3 format) -> add it to iTunes music library -> right click on the file -> click on 'create AAC version' -> after a second, u'll get the file (AAC version) on your iTunes library -> right click on the file -> click 'Show in Windows Explorer' -> copy the file on your desktop & rename the file to (.m4r) -> add the file on 'Ringtones' & click 'Sync'. you can use only 1 customize ringtone.

  • Sn3akn

Ok, this is my big question which i need help with, i want an iphone and can purchase either the 3g or 2g 8gb iphone, Now i am wondering do either of these phones use bluetooth to actually transfer images and not just connect to a bluetooth headset? What is better the 2g or 3g anyone know the differences?


  • gian

hi 2 ol i phone users how much is the iphone?

  • Anonymous

Tayyab, 25 Dec 2009i want to get apple iphone 3g..but i someone told me that one sh... moreHi there...

There is no such software required in Apple iPhone 3G...forwarding is an inbuilt feature.

  • Muhammad Asam Warrai

Just get the itunes from the apple web convert ur videos into avi 3gp and mp4 through total video convertor and watch them in ur iphone

  • funkyto

katia, 26 Dec 2009Just got my new Iphone 3G. Back in the day I was always told to ... moreit isn't necessarily but don't let the battery to drain completely when it come at 20% you will receive warning

  • Dr.Hussain

Hi..I m encoutering two problems with my iPhone 3G.version 3.1.2. Its not playing youtube videos and secondly i wana know how to connect bluetooth device with it.Thanx for any suggestions.