Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Anonymous

Just got my Iphone and I love it...

  • Anonymous

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  • blabla

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2009nothing will ever be as good as nokia. right you are man! :)

  • Anonymous

guys may you please tell me does the i phone have tracker id???

  • Anonymous

nothing will ever be as good as nokia.

  • cccchhhhhhhhhhhhh

is the camera for iphone 3gs much more better than 3g ?? i knw it has the autofocus,but how about the quality?? much more better or slighly better ?? should i grap 3g at lower price or go to the 3gs ??

  • Anonymous

so can we send photos,music,video..........with jail break pls reply......

  • erik fox

i dont need to go to the service becouse i have done this thousand times with many iphones before, i did it ,,by the book,, but it looks like the ,,redsnow,, is still not ,,ready,, to jailbreak the new 3.0 firmware...

ill wait for ,,quickpwn,, maybe its better..


  • erik fox

I have a factory unlocked iphone 3g 16gb and after i recently updated the new 3.0 firmware everything worked fine and its stable...but when i jailbreak it with ,,redsnow 0.72.. it starts crashing and blocking, even if i was lucky to instal some app(which was wery hard) it always reported some errors....the jailbreak with ,,redsnow terrible..SO , DO NOT JAILBREAK YOUR PHONES WITH REDSNOW 0.72, MAYBE ITS BETTER TO WAIT FOR THE NEW ,,QUICKPWN 3.0,
(just to mention that i jailbreaked it twice..and in both cases it was crashing and blocking)


  • Satish

ccccchhhhh, 23 Jun 2009hi all, i m going to buy an iphone...but i m not sure which one ... moreBuy 3GS. As such there is any hardly price difference, better and with latest features. Am using 3G, pretty happy and satisfied. More so over now its loaded with certain updates. Hence more happy and satisfied. Thanks goes to Apple.

  • yaba

Yeah MSB even i was excited abt it, but once i updated i didnt find the same, can any else have solution for Iphone 3g after i update to 3.0 verison i still cant find the tethering option? do any 1 know abt it. plz answer

  • Fotonutz

After using the iPhone 3G for 2 months, I am afraid I have more grouses than praises for it.

The phone is not very stable as I seem to get carrier drops quite frequently. Not too sure if my set is a lemon, but from what I've read on the net, I guess I'm not alone wrt the carrier drop.

For the kind of price we're paying, we're getting an antiquated camera with no video (unless you jailbreak the thing).

Furthermore, the GPS have to be connected to the 3G or GPRS in order to update the maps. If you are overseas, don't do it as the charges will be exhorbitant. This is ridiculous. Giving you Google Maps, but you can't download or save the maps.

One thing I find really SICKENING about the iPhone is that you have to Sync your phone in order to transfer certain files in and out of the phone.

As a Windows Mobile, I can literally transfer anything I want via Windows Explorer, ie exe, txt, xls, ppt, jpg, avi, mp4, flv etc. But with the iPhone, I can't do any of these !

Maybe these criticism are biased against the iPhone 3G. Hopefully the iPhone 3G S addresses some of these issues or there are additional plug-in which I have yet to install.


  • ccccchhhhh

hi all, i m going to buy an iphone...but i m not sure which one should i choose..iphone 3g or 3gs?? is it worth to buy 3gs ?? any comment?? thanks

  • toth_szabolcs

VIC, 21 Jun 2009Dear iPhone Fan I have a Nokia N95 and is a great Phone. Try to ... moreif your city hasy free wifi zones in every street for ex. new york, then emailing is free , and more faster, than MMS

  • Don

Mandy, 22 Jun 2009Hello Fellow Iphone users - has anyone else had a problem updati... morePut your iphone in dfu mode than do a restore.

  • Anonymous

Mandy, 22 Jun 2009Hello Fellow Iphone users - has anyone else had a problem updati... moregot o you operator or the apple to restore your phone. the same tihing happened to my and i went ot my operator to restore my iphone. but im not too sure whether they will update the version to 3.0. but my operator did. im from singapore


Mandy, 22 Jun 2009Hello Fellow Iphone users - has anyone else had a problem updati... morei had the same problem. i used another pc to restore the os. once that was done, i returned to MY pc and installed v3.0 and music. pain in the butt it was!!!

  • Lorenzo

Before buying the 3g iPhone I have been changing the devises every 5-6 months (Nokia N70, 73, 95.. HTC, Sony ericsson.. BlackBerry..) i tried most of the OS before and now I have no doubt: BEST MOBILE DEVICE EVER MADE! Piece of art: beauty & smartness! like a perfect woman! :) Who has other oppinion it means that he never "tried" one!

  • MSB

yaba, 22 Jun 2009I updated my iphone 3g to 3.0 verison, but not able to locate te... moreYaba i cant find it too wtf I was quite excited when I read it????

  • Anonymous

Allan, 22 Jun 2009Same boring design, over and over and over again. You guys shoul... moreyeah its good to be the same like everyone with whats in and hot!!! rather be different and alone and outdated one!LOL like yourself with your n95 prehistoric phone!!! hahahaha!!!!
at least it has a different interior!LOL
not like your nokia who only differs much from the outside! all you guys care for is a different look without nothing much in it!LOL