Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Anonymous

Hi Tae..

Yes, you can charge your iphone without computer by means of USB POWER ADOPTER.

  • Tae

can i charge the iphone without a computer?like apple mcbook,etc.pls help.........

  • Anonymous

thanks for all your response... i guess i will buy iphone here in the philippines...under globe... coz im so worried that if my mom buy me an iphone from the U.S,and she will send it here in the philippines the iphone wont work...any advice iphone guru's?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2009WebKit developed by Apple released as open source, just like Sym... morethey use WebKit in browsers (its not even a browser), and apple started the project , but as I read there is others in that project , and u cant use this on ur phone because its a base of a program , I mean if others want this they will use it , but they will do most of the work its like using engines in video games , they use it and they build the software on it .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2009WebKit developed by Apple released as open source, just like Sym... moreDoesnt matter whethrt the webkit is developed by apple or not! We nokia users need a device thaymt needs a phone that worths the money we pay

  • shinto joseph

Sara, 11 Mar 200932GB???? Its an Duppa One! dont Buyapple i phone is not avilablee in 32 GB ,

  • Anonymous

apple please use a better camera at least 5mp ,smart phone that don't have good camera is just like a basic phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2009What I mean is , symbian is owned by nokia , but they still gave... moreWebKit developed by Apple released as open source, just like Symbian will be open source, Nokia did not develop Symbian they contributed to it, they used it, they became dependent on it, when it was dying they bailed out the company by buying up the shares.

WebKit developed by Apple forms the basis of Palm's Pre operating system, is used in the Safari browser, the iPhone browser and mail App, Google's chrome browser, RIM's blackberry browser, Nokia's S60 browser and others.

So if it weren't for Apple none of these things would exist.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2009"Man are u kidding , listen I have an iphone , but I have to say... moreWhat I mean is , symbian is owned by nokia , but they still gave samsung the os , and most apps can work on both , but dont expect to get N-gage for samsung as its only for their phones , and actually u can play n-gage games on the samsung innov8 , but u have to do a jailbreak for the device , and about apple do they give their os to any company ? they dont even let u use their pc os on other pcs , and about the apple softwares u mentioned to me its normal like what I have said some softwares can be used in other phones and some are exclusives for one ,

  • Anonymous

Sir Josiah, 10 Mar 2009Its really starting to bug me how ignorant people are being to p... moretrue I agree , u cant know which is better until they are all out , u can guess (if u compared the spec ) , but still no one knows if there is any problems in this device .

  • Sara

32GB???? Its an Duppa One! dont Buy

  • aspern

anyone heard of 32gb iphone? frm swizz?

  • Anonymous

If next iphone does not have dencent camera like 5mp! Bluetooth tranfer, video calling, diwnload capabilty for safari ! I wont gor for it!!!!

I get bored with the currwnt iphone, i envy 5800 that they are more capable of doing basic stuff!!:)

  • pinoy

help my apps are beginning to crashed! it works well last week..can u help me..thnks

  • pinoy

help pls! is your accelerometer responds accurately?

i have a problem with my phone..when i turn my phone portrait to landscape its ok..but den when vice versa i doesnt turn it pls

  • yasrji

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2009for installing go to app store on youre iPhone you can find any... morethank you so much

  • Luki

Kris, 10 Mar 2009is there a way to access a video camera to the phone and if so h... moreiphonebrowser

  • Sir Josiah

Its really starting to bug me how ignorant people are being to previous posts. To quote GSMArena:

"Read before you post. Search before you post. There is a big chance that your question is already answered"

With that said, can people please stop going on about specs. They have absolutely no relevance apart from making people spare a second of their time to look at their product. From my experience working for Optus I can tell you that we'll get phones in spec'd to the roof that simply fail. The N96 should be a prime example of this.

With that said, any comparisons to the N97 or Omnia HD are void. How can you say its a better phone? Have you held it in your hand and experienced the UI for yourself? I know that everyone who has taken pictures with my iPhone has commented on how good the image quality is, and really, thats all that counts. Stop worrying about the means and just focus on the ends. In photography competitions they don't judge on type of lens used, or in paintings judges don't take points off for using inferior brushes... as long as the end result is magnificent, who cares.

Now I know I'm ranting here but seriously, can it just stop. When the N97 comes out, and people have it in their left hand, and an iPhone in their right, then yes, make comparisons then, but until then, just stick with reviews on the phone, because thats what this forum was intended.

Sir Josiah

  • Sara

I wish I could afford one!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970It's a happy phone...

...mine does farts!