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Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Taran

hey...I wanted to know that...does iphone have a vibrator or no???

  • UK GUY

does anyone own a white iphone 3g?

ilike the white version better but i heard the scrathes will show up alot more on the white than on the black

White is so slick,, comment on what colour you have/want and why?

  • pradeep chand

It's a great phone but first price is too high and secondly No SMS, No video recording is miness point.

2mp camrea is not good.

  • alvares_jose

ABC, 24 Aug 2008High price of iPhone could be a spoiler in india. Bharti Airtel ... morei do feel that there are no changes from the original iphone. The first iphone was a lot better than the present one.

  • uk guy

what phone would i enjoy using the most?

i have a nokia 6500 slide at the moment and i hate it!

  • Anonymous

Elegance and Functionality are the two things that splits people. If you love elegance and style and you have enough cash to burn, then iPhone's a very good choice, but if you want more functionality then choose from the wide variety of phones available here.For sure there's always one phone for you..

  • Anonymous

do not buy it its a rubish phone. I've made big mistake should buy samsung the best phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970yeh....dont be so fact in the Philippines the phones they have are far more advance compared o where i am.........

  • Anonymous

Beta then iPhonie whit 32GB camera for videophone Hey i got iPhonie 2G too..but im Nokiafun waiting for N96 for my collection...
and sorry im not English

  • Alex_tan168

hey.... can someone tell me is the GPS got any license charges? like... in PDA.. i no need to pay for the Voice navigation...but in Symbian phone i need to pay 70Euro for 1 year license... so... in apple I phone3G do i need to pay for the Voice navigation?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2008i guess youre the type who brings a backpack everyday for your d... moreUmmm, I have a car. My laptop stays in the trunk of my car. Iphone users are usually the ones who can afford cars =) My digital cam stays in my fashionable messenger bag all the time just in case I need to use it. If it's for a quick picture taking, I can use my iphone to take that picture. But I'd still rather use my Canon camera for better results. Unlike you, I don't settle for just ok quality pictures from camera phones. Iphone users can afford to buy very good quality digital cameras to get better pictures. I feel sorry for people who capture special moments using their camera phones, ewwwwww.

  • Anonymous

SuS One, 24 Aug 2008Now I have to serve you back of your lack of info plus your pass... moreFiddly? The iphone has the most responsive and fastest UI. Even professional critics would admit to that, so please.

Yes, the iphone does have one of the best audio levels. You see it does not try to be the loudest and compromise quality like most phones do by toning up the volume settings to loud and end up getting distorted sound quality, then you complain again that it's distorted, lol. W/ the iphone, even when it's on max, the speaker does not get distored, unless of course you are playing a low quality audio file.

Burns? Ok, let's be silly and say that LCD screens do burn. For a screen to burn, that means you paused the picture for too long. What where you doing? Stared on the same iphone screen for 2 hours? LOL.

I promise it won't scratch unless you abuse the phone.

Copy and pasting is nice to have, and of course we wish that the iphone would have it in their future updates. But we can obviously live w/out it. This is a valid complain.

Well maybe if you close some applications there wouldn't be so much things happening at the same time. And that never really happens with the iphone. Except of course if you have the mp3 on and doing other things at the same time. So far it does not lag. Iphone users have macs or PC's at home. We did not buy the iphone to use it as an external hard drive, lol.

LCD screen do not burn, plasma screen do, period. Don't twist the truth.

To each his own. There is no hard rule on how you should operate your device. I text holding the iphone w/ my left hand and my right index finger to type. When I make a phone call, I just use 1 hand, and use my thumb to press on the numbers. But it does not have to be the same for everyone. I can't believe that I even have to explain this very elementary thing to you, lol.

Well itunes work for us quite well. We feel safe using it. Everything is almost automatic.

Go to Nokia, SE & Samsung forums and see what they have to say about problems accessing YouTube. I used to have the N95, so I know.

Excess data usage? On email? LOL. Never happens. They probably went over their minutes or text messages limit.

My gosh, why would I surf to the net for the weather when there is already a quick application for the weather. You're really impractically weird, lol.

"Who cares about radio your holding an ipod lol." Exactly, so I hope people would stop complaining about the iphone not having FM radio =)

Those who want 5mp on their phones don't really know how megapixels work. It's a hype among camera phones. 2mp is enough for a camera phone to take spur of the moment pics. And on video calling, PLEASE, I have not seen a single person using that feature since that feature came out. My sister asked me to buy her the LG phone with that feature, and guess what, she never used it, LOL.

You really expect us to believe you when you say that 10 to 12 iphone buyers returned to your store with issues? LOL. If that is really the case in all stores, believe me, Iphone have already stopped producing phones, LOL. Or let's say that's true. It's probably because there are a thousand of people who bought the iphone from your store. While two people bought a Blackberry and two of them also came back, LOL. So yes, that's about right. LOL. Also, why are you even selling the iphone in your store?

I never said that the iphone is most complete phone. The iphone is simply great in what it does (phone, ipod and internet). And now, it's even getting better with the ability to add more applications as you go.

  • Leah

TIRI, 24 Aug 2008IPHONE UNLOCKED price $300 at this site: http://www.phoneassure... moreWas really to place an order until I've read this line on their website....

"Our minimum order quantity 20units and shipping for the whole product is $90"

despite the fact I don't really need 20 of them I love the price... wonder gol legit they are?!

  • mz

The iPhone is really great. I don't care about the camera, got a K800i for that. Plus there are apps already on the internet for videorecording with an iPhone.

The bluetooth perhaps is a downside but what do you send with it? Funny ringtones is all I do, I can just download those if i wish to.

Besides the great touch interface and the fast speed it offers for an OS Phone, I like the software possibility's. With it's populairity more and more developpers will make software for it I think. Wether if it's allowed by Apple or not you can put it on your iPhone (jailbreak it). And that way you can improve the iPhone again and again, with futures like: copy pasting / editting word documents / realtime navigation.

I think this will all be available sooner or later, perhaps even brought up with Apple software updates. So I'm enjoying my iPhone now and I have enough pleasure in it to wait for the new software programme's.

  • UK --- DAVE


Does anyone know if this is true...

If you sign up to an 18 month contract to get the new iphone 3g...

02 will upgrade you to the latest model of iphone whenever released even if your contact is not up for renewal???

  • Kim

true sus one is right
iphone is the new age yet fun brick phone!

  • Jamster

I agree with SuS One the iphone is soo over rated come on apple where are all the today, updated features already.

its been out in other countries for about a year now too so they should have known we wanted good new technology
2 Megapixel pffft.
No bluetooth transfers


have they fixed the bugs yet. I have heard some people are having software issues.
has anyone got any feedback on there software issues?

  • TIRI

IPHONE UNLOCKED price $300 at this site:
this is mission impossible

  • nairfreak

the apple iphone its not as expected it does nt have video recording & there is no flash in it. i think spending more than 30k for this phone is a waste. instead of that i can go for a samsung phone its really good

  • ABC

High price of iPhone could be a spoiler in india. Bharti Airtel and Vodafone have priced the 8 GB phone at Rs 31,000($714.62), while the price tag on the 16 GB model is Rs 36,100($832.18). This might have put off many potential customers, who were expecting prices to compete with the US offer of $199 or roughly Rs 9,000.