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  • Anonymous

does the i phone need to go to america to get fixed if anything goes wrong? and how long does it take to get the phone back?

  • Anonymous

salesman, 15 Aug 2008Here we go..... I phone 8gb :- 35, 600mins + 500txt, 18 mont... moreThats not truth what about 10 800 min and 9000 texts are those free form o2.
No thats included the price so not only the iphone but also the allowances make the price. You never can say that the iphone is 700 it is wrong

  • salesman

guyver3, 14 Aug 2008Again Nokia...even Samsung....are far more advanced when it come... moreHere we go.....

I phone 8gb :- 35, 600mins + 500txt, 18 months. Phone cost 99 at point of sale, unltd wi fi, data allowance and visual voicemail. Total price for contract = 729 for the sleekest, sexiest, most popular phone of all time ( please also take into account it is apple's first crack at this. Nokia and samsung?????? )

Compared to the.....erm.....wonderful.....N95 and other pretenders,

N958gb, 18 months, 35 p/m + 7.50 web bolt on + 24.99 ( half price ) maps subscription ( one off payment ) free phone. Total price for contract = 789.99, for fat, chunky, brick better known for building houses.


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Never used it then eh! Poor thing!! Please remember that this site is for balanced opinion and views which should be objective! Please refrain from including profanities in your postings as these sites are used by nice people looking for other individuals well balanced opinions! That's all - so chill out, there's a world out there, go and see it! Sounds like you need the break?

  • Pepsi

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Despite what you may think the iPhone is pretty cheap. The data usuage charges are reasonable when you think about how much internet usuage can add up to. When Xperia comes out it will definetly be more expensive than the iPhone, as is HTC Touch Pro

  • Pepsi

daniel, 14 Aug 2008Hi Pepsi sorry i no that but ill tell you why i asked the que... moreNo, it will work with any Vodafone sim, not only the one your GF got. Problem is though is you have no data allowance so how will you surf the internet? iPhone is completely useless without internet access. This is why iPhone isn't available outright. If you are on a contract already you will find it's really expensive to use the net

  • Anonymous

I have been lucky enough to use some top spec phones recently Including N95, N82 W89i, K850i, Samsung Soul and Secret - All 5 Star rating in my view. I am now using the iphone3G and WOW! I am not usually impressed and easily get bored with any phone but the sheer adaptability of applications and world class user interface & display are unrivalled. Other phones do indeed chip the armour of the iphone in specific areas as we all know but taken as a whole I think this is probably the best phone/entertainment/communication/business device
in the world! I just can't put it down and for a phone weary guy like myself that says alot! My advise - GET ONE! Its only a contract term away to your next phone. So that way at least you can all say "at least I've tried and tested the phone that has become a modern icon in technology! Go for it!

  • cc

listen, if u dont want it - dont buy it simple! we don't really care. we dont know you and you dont know us. i had the samsung f480 and now the iphone 3g, i switched because i got the opportunity to play with the iphone for a couple of hours. the user interface is uncomparable so please stop bothering us all! if u dont want 1 dont buy 1, i dont think apple will really miss u anyway! i guess there will always be negative people about everything, either way from my experience the phone is amazing and it definatly cant be judged until you use it for an extended time - and the more you use this phone the more you really learn to appreciate it

  • junulrik

ALEX, 14 Aug 2008i'm an owner of a iphone and a n958gb. love them both! peace.i have iphone 3G, htc X7510, N958G and nokia arte.. I like all of them with same degree because each one suits to my specific need depending where I go..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2008nokia will build a touch screen for their cell phones. I am sure... moreTill then Nokia is loosing out in sales because HTC, Samsung and Apple have hit the iron rod when is hot.

Sure they will make one and probably even better but most people will be already tied down to their new phone contract and Nokia has to wait or depend on new buyers.

I have to say Iphone 3G has set the mark for all other brands to follow. They are better or worse than the iphone.

  • Anonymous

SHANAKA @LK, 14 Aug 2008Really great design. and the best touch in the world.(using ipho... moreUnfortunately is not. the $199 price is bundled with a contract probably over 2 years period. So your contract you may need to pay a limit per month.

I am having the iphone 3G in Australia and I pay about $900+ all up including the contract for 1 year. The longer your contract or more perks you add, the cheaper or even free the phone.

For people who havent got one and really considering this phone, first off what are you looking for?

If your focus is on PDA, then blackberry may still be better

If you want whole she bang like bluetooth transfers than N96 I wont bother with N95

If you wanted touch screen, nice web browsing, the iphone is certainly great.

However if you are really PC user you can check out HTC Diamond Touch, or Samsung Onmia, the samsung looks great IMO but it has its own issues. However please look at their features wise and ensure is what you need.

No point arguing the iphone cant do this and that just because you thought is cool. Is a great phone but has its limitations.

  • Anonymous

ALEX, 14 Aug 2008i'm an owner of a iphone and a n958gb. love them both! peace.At least someone is talking sense.

Seriously they have their own ups and downs. I cant say how much I did like what N95 has but I wish it was like the iphone 3G vice versa. iphone 3G just has some features that needs to be add on.

  • Anonymous

Ace, 15 Aug 2008Thinking of buying an iphone 3g for the us but i need to know if... moreAce is better that your network provider support the iphone 3G.

  • Ace

Thinking of buying an iphone 3g for the us but i need to know if it works in other countries.. i live in Lebanon we use the standard GSM sim-card.. so any ideas???

  • ALEX

i'm an owner of a iphone and a n958gb. love them both! peace.

  • Anonymous

guyver3, 14 Aug 2008Again Nokia...even Samsung....are far more advanced when it come... moreI don't think you know what you're talking about. Just because other phones has more features than the iPhone it does not mean that they're already ahead. They can't even match the iPhone's ui. Would a fully loaded Honda civic be a better car than a base model bmw? No. It's not just about the extra features. It's the performance that really counts. And the iPhone outperforms any phone out there.


Really great design. and the best touch in the world.(using iphone) as i think we can't compare this phone with other models .
can any one tell me about the real price of iphone out of usa . is it 199$ for 8gb ?
i cant believe it.

  • nio

Read on the news 2 days ago. I-phone users complaint it is not a good phone. It has poor 3G reception, and talking or conversation sometimes could get disconnected. Poor 3G reception while compared to normal phone....3g reception is always full. And even though 3G reception is poor, i-phone could not switch itself to 2G reception. Compare to other normal phone, when 3G has poor reception, at least it could switch to 2G by itself. I-phone got to get until it has Zero 3G reception, then only it can switch to 2G.
And there is more cons than pros which i could not list them dwn. Go and find out in other forums.
Overall, nice looking but has no substance.

  • Joe (edited)

Future unborn eskimos will build a fire by thier igloos too....LOL

I'm sticking with the IPhone G3. Like I said in a previous post, it is flawless in it's operaton in comparison to Windows Mobile Smart (dumb) phones. Hopefully Iphone will include apps of copy/paste, picture text messaging and video recording. I think 2 megapixels is pretty good for a cell phone. Sure, it's 1990 technology but how much more does an amateur need for a cam on a cell phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2008Not to mention that most appstore apps have been cracked.Have u ... morenokia will build a touch screen for their cell phones. I am sure of it.