Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • Dawson

If you are not living under a rock and have any interest in the iphone you should know that it does not have mms and that you can not use bluetooth for anything but the headsey!!!

  • Anonymous

oh my god, i call 9 apple store and 10 att stores to day fro iphone 3g, and all stores are out of stock..accidentally i was Pasadena, and i saw apple store has a biiiiigggg line for iphone 3g, and i stay line about 3 hours...what all this mean ?...THE BEST PHONE

  • cce

Goodnes I love this phone and now more app in the store, no other phone like ipone nice and big icone and easy to sroll webpage ahah. I love it.

  • Pepsi

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2008Your IP doesn't match the real Pepsi's. Impersonating someone... moreOf course I have a good point I always do.

They only impersonate me because i am so great, I don't blame them for wanting to be me

  • Rizwan

If you transfer, any data between two mobile,
you invite many virus with data.
stop this thing this is not very imp.for
a perfect iphone

  • Anonymous

also a huge plus in the iPhone is that they have switched to Flash memory which is one reason why it doesn't lag when there's huge amounts of data stored on it and is also the reason they weren't able to release a 32GB option at a cheap price yet since flash memory is still expensive at the moment.

  • Raksmey

iPhone may not have file sharing thru Bluetooth or MMS, but now it has the AppStore which has nearly 1000 apps and counting to download, i'm sure dey will come up with a solution or may b dey already have. i cant wait to upgrade my original phone to 2.0

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2008Are the HTC Diamond/Pro better than this? The iPhone's inabi... moredimond hands down!

  • Anonymous

Are the HTC Diamond/Pro
better than this?
The iPhone's inability to transfer files through Bluetooth seems like a big inconvenience. The camera isn't all that stunning either. Any opinions on iPhone vs. HTC Diamond?

  • nabil

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2008Your IP doesn't match the real Pepsi's. Impersonating someone... moremy father told me to buy nokia n95(8gb).thank god i didnt do it because my friend uses nokia n95.he told me he stored 6gb data in nokia n95 and his mobile hang up
but iphone never hangs up even if you store 16gb of data

  • nabil

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2008Your IP doesn't match the real Pepsi's. Impersonating someone... moreiphone is the best, it never hangs up no matter how many multimedia storage or software are stored in it.

  • Anonymous

so what if this phone doesn't have MMS or Bluetooth, no phone is perfect ok...!
For those who criticize the phone, why don't you just take your owned phone right now and shove it up your ass

  • goodboy

at all is iphone good to bye or not i realy want to bye this phone but i am not sure!! somebody to help me to dicide? thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

pepsi, 29 Jul 2008can you bluetooth from phone to phone??? i was told you can but ... moreYour IP doesn't match the real Pepsi's.

Impersonating someone = FAIL.

Pepsi has a very good point, the same questions are being asked again and again about time someone had the balls to say something.

It also states on the specifications there is no MMS/Bluetooth (headset support only) why keep asking?

  • momo king

to U, this is the best ohone in the market. It is not fair to compare this phone to other phones. This phone is unique. This phone do have bluetooth but for headset only.

  • Stargate SG-1

why are people getting the iphone when there are much better phones out at the moment?! such as the samsung tocco or the nokia n-95 8gig! why would apple make a phone without bluetooth?

  • pepsi

can you bluetooth from phone to phone??? i was told you can but i tried and it doesnt work!
and can you mms?? cause ive been trying and cannot!!

  • vabs

ya.... it will be a total sexxxy mobile

  • Annie

I don't think that it is worth it to pay $30 more per month for the service to use the new 3g. There is no signal for phone calls whenever the 3g is turned on. I think that if 3g really doesn't work well, then why use is when I can use the 1st IPhone and works great. I don't mind to pay more for the service as long as it works well.

  • Pepsi

what the, 28 Jul 2008why cant you use bluetooth with any phone... if so, can you m... moreOh My God

Stop asking this question! It has been answered and asked on EVERY single page! What will it take to get it in everyones head!

NO you can NOT use BLUETOOTH for PHONE transferring!!!


Stop asking and learn to use your BRAIN!!!!