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Apple iPhone 3G

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  • shanice

i will wait for the white edition here in the philippines :) i hope globe can have the phone so that all the subscribers will enjoy the iphone much better :)

  • AKS

There is no Bluetooth..

  • Anonymous

it is good. i am palnning to buy this great phone

  • Anonymous

L Harrison, 08 Jul 2008"You forgot to mention apple takes an non negotiational THIRTY P... moreOh that's mighty good of Apple!!!It's fairly easy to grab programs for other platforms.What's so difficult about pointing your browser at sites like or and downloading a cab file?If you want to enhance your iphone your Indirectly forced to Pay apple...screw that

  • L Harrison

"in Australia they are going to be selling the iphone 3g for $729 on pre-pay where in the US its is US$199 now in Australian dollars that is $229 I think Australians are getting ripped of in a big way."

the iPhone in America is $199 with a 2 year contract tethered to AT&T carrier provider, not prepay. i don't think a prepay option is available at all in the States. however it costs $599-$699 to buy the phone without a contract in America, just like prepay, so no you Australians are not getting ripped off.

  • Nato

in Australia they are going to be selling the iphone 3g for $729 on pre-pay where in the US its is US$199 now in Australian dollars that is $229 I think Australians are getting ripped of in a big way.

  • lee65

Hi all I have had experience on the iPhone and a few negitives from my view point, no MMS, no VIDEO, no FLASH or focus for camera, battery cannot be replaced if faulty must go to Apple service for change over, if you did not get a tool to remove sim card tray at time of purchase then your most valuable tool is a paperclip, "yes I said paperclip", To activate your Apple iPhone you need to log on to a Apple Computer,

  • Bob Fern

You Yanks are easily pleased!I suppose it's hardly suprising considering 3G is something most of you still long for.HSDPA with average speeds of over 1mbit/s are the norm for me as is a device with a proper keypad,5mp cam and 30FPS camcorder etc etc.Touchscreen is all well and good providing you have some sort of hardware input method should you require it.Using that touchscreen for lenghty IM sessions, email or word would drive a saint mad.Apple i-phone might prove a hit with the style fraternity but for people that require features with genuine functionality the list goes Symbian,WinMo(jump through a few hoops and WM is excellent) and Linux.

  • L Harrison

"You forgot to mention apple takes an non negotiational THIRTY PERCENT of the developers fee and that apple has to aprove every single application."

Apple takes 30% because they HOST the application, provide BANDWITH to download it and maintain the App Store for developers! that obviously costs money. they provide a golden door to every iPhone owner right there on the phone and through iTunes which is installed on hundreds of millions of computers around the world. developers are VERY happy to take 70% of the cut. they couldn't ask for a better deal and that's why they're flocking to build apps for the iPhone.

Apple also hosts free applications with no charge. if a dev wants their app to be free, it will be there at the iPhone App Store at no cost even though Apple must pay to host it.

and let's not forget Apple only charges $99 for the iPhone SDK as opposed to over $4,000 that Sony charges for the PSP SDK even though the iPhone has a newer and more powerful processor capable of delivering a great gaming experience.

  • Walt

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2008piece of sh-t phone. htc touch diamond/pro, samsung omnia, xperi... moreYou obviously work at the Disney Corp., or you have been watching too many fantasy movies. The iPhone is what the others are trying (emphasis on the trying) to copy. Even the review here on GSM Arena touts the iPhone OS as superior. Give the iPhone 3G a chance and Apple time to introduce the missing features. In the end, the Sony, Samsung, and HTC are Windows Mobile; nothing good can come from that. The Windows OS is precisely why Apple is taking a larger and larger market share.

  • Brad

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2008I don't like the anti-competitive conduct of Apple. As long as A... moreBecause of Apple's policy, their products are more reliable—albeit a bit more expensive. It is precisely because of the Apple policy that most people are attracted to their concept.

Personally, I own a Mac with the latest OS; my iPhone and computer work without trouble. I have no virus or ad-ware issues. iTunes rips music better than any other program I've used. The music can be copied and shared. I currently have over 1,000 songs—including album covers—in my iPhone.

Windows Mobile is a complete disaster. Just check the posts on this site where people are constantly saying they cannot get something to work and/or their phone is having trouble with their carrier. So although there are more features in some other Windows Mobile phones; what good are they if the phone is constantly causing trouble. There are a few who will say, "Well, I have Windows Mobile, and I don't have trouble." I say, "Good for you!" Now, give it to the average user—or you little old grandmother—and tell them to figure it out. LOL

  • Steve

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2008Dont know what the hype is, i work in the industry and the iphon... moreYou work in the industry? if this isn't an obvious use of the "Appeal to Authority" fallacy. Regardless of where you work, the iPhone is already, and will continue to be, a success.

  • Anonymous

Dont know what the hype is, i work in the industry and the iphone is a effin big mistake waiting to happen. Come on guys i mean an approximate 4 hours of talktime? Thats crap by all standards. The only thing the iphone hasd that unique is its touch navigation. We've already got better cameras, operating systems, designs and tech in the industry. Its a have - another trend and your all going to be terribly disappointed!

  • Paulo from Portugal

Allo people,i like to know if that device makes video call or not?And why the bluethoot only serves to makes the eadphones connected and not to transfer images messages etc?I need to know if i wait for te samsng's Omnia or not?

  • Sultan

hello Every one I'm From Jordan And I would Like 2 say that here the old one were sold unlocked from apple reseller (Bolding that)
for 600JD without warrnty so now how much it's gona cost to get new one?? what I'm trying to say is that every county have it's wone price tag it's just a big miss :(

  • Anonymous

I don't like the anti-competitive conduct of Apple. As long as Apple decides to make exclusivity contracts, I will not buy their products.

  • 0m3r

just wanted to tell u guys tht it will b launched at apple london regent street...........wht do u guys think abt the price???mann this mobile looks really good

  • adthomson

cant wait im definatley getting one!!! went into 02 today and was checking time and was checking opening time and stuff on firday and what i would need etc. he said last year when they got stock they had enough till the first price drop ;D so you should definatley be able to get one no matter what time you come in on firday. Im just going to make sure and go early so i get the 16gb which i want! bit wierd that there is no white tho! oh well prefer black on my phones. so excited

  • Anonymous

piece of sh-t phone. htc touch diamond/pro, samsung omnia, xperia all pwn this

  • Anonymous

nycblackbelt, 07 Jul 2008man i got the iphone last year the first time it came out and it... more100% positive...After using iphone, to hard to use any other phone..Iphone came from other planet, and really magic...I dont care about mms, or video recording, because i have perfect video camera in my house..Iphone is iphone and great job..