Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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  • jg

... but the price is amazing! agreed.

  • jg

no video recorder, no video calling, no improving the camera...

i think RIM will really like that

  • Mr, Wiggles

with all the neat features of the iphone, they'd have to sacrifice a few things .. plus I'm sure the ridiculously low pricing would make a lot of 1st gen iphoners get a new one.

  • Marco Bodini

I find it very disappointing!
Not that it isnt a great phone, but i think we were expecting bigger inovations! they didn't do anything with the camera... (still is the poor 2mpx) nothing with the size (i thought it would be thinner than the previous one) and they didn't even put a second camera for video conference...! the only new and great thing is the 3g support.. and lets face it.. we were doing just fine with edge, and whats 3g for if not for video conference??
for the first time ever i felt a little disappointed by apple...
but i feel like i have to say... although there isnt many good new things about it.. the price is absolutely fantastic!! and im going to buy one as soon as possible!

  • Anonymous

2MP camera? What gives Apple? This was the only feature holding me back. I expected at least 3.2MP with flash.

How is this a media device with no decent camera and no vid recording capability?

  • Nick


And a 2mp camera! god damnit!